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Tony Cryans RIP

Tony Cryans passed away last month. I note that he doesn't appear in the last post of the RSA so I can only presume he wasn't a member.

Tony was a Combat Powerman Cpl at Langy, 14 sigs in the early 80s and was my block Cpl as a young siggy. Not averse to delivering a good kick up the bahooky when deserved he was a true gent, thoroughly decent bloke albeit hidden behind his gruff Weegie exterior.

On leaving the Regular Army Tony joined 32 and latterly served as the NRPS MT Sgt.

Rest In Peace mate
I knew Tony from my time at 32. Wasn't he the MT Sgt? Sad news: he could be a bolshie bugger, but he was sound as a pound and a good supporter of the Regiment.

editted to add: missed your comment stevie.r ref he was the NRPS MT Sgt.
Didnt know Tony personally but i popped up the 32 Sigs to borrow some kit when the boys were practicing for his send off. Sad, sad time.

RIP Tony.

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