Tony & Cheri skint

What the hell do you make of that???
Tony &Cheri strugling to make ends meet, ??? He yoused to be quite well off at one point .He must have have been naughty in aprevious live, He fucking well was!!!
PMs and MPs are well paid by the standards of the normal folk who elect them.
However they associate with the really seriously rich and Greed and Envy soon settle in.
Amazing what they will do, sell off to become a member of the international well heeled.
Few on this board have ever detested Blur as I do.
Feck me, I wish I was down to my last couple of hundred let alone couple of million
BLiar, deserves everything that is coming to him, I really hope he never makes a penny again, BUT CHERIE, i so hope that this BITCH suffers immensely on the money and happiness trail, never has a woman been so hated in my view, Margaret T is an angel in comparrison.
Funnily enough thats still not cheered me up, now if they were both dead,preferably in a horrible way id cheer up.
PM's immediate pension of £64K topped up by £10K a week as a banker's consultant, Cherie's barrister pay plus £1.5M for her book.

Poor things -where can we make a donation
Herrumph said:
PM's immediate pension of £64K topped up by £10K a week as a banker's consultant, Cherie's barrister pay plus £1.5M for her book.

Poor things -where can we make a donation
On top of that there is Tony's earnings from public speaking. if memory serves he is on the books of the same Washington DC agency as John Major & Bill Clinton.

Oh, and then there's his book as well when it get's published. The advance won't be small and the royalties will keep him and lady Macbeth in Tuscan holiday villas for a while.
INVICTA said, Oh, and then there's his book as well when it get's published. The advance won't be small and the royalties will keep him and lady Macbeth in Tuscan holiday villas for a while.


Tony will get £3M from Random House, he struck the deal with Gail Rebuck the chief honcho a couple of months ago. Gail Rebuck is also Lady Gould, wife of Lord Philip Gould, Blairs political strategist. Fancy that! coincidence eh.
If this is skint I wouldn`t mind some of it!!!!!!!

He hasn't been getting poor either. To his other commitments, Mr Blair has now added a part-time job as a senior adviser with the Wall Street bank, JPMorgan Chase. Its chairman and chief executive, Jamie Dimon, said: "We operate our business all over the world and Tony Blair will bring our leaders and clients a unique and invaluable global perspective that is especially critical in turbulent times like these."

The bank did not specify how much Mr Blair is to be paid for his "unique" advice, but speculation in the US business press put the figure at around $1m, or £511,000 a year, a graphic illustration of how prime ministers can get seriously rich only after they have left office.

John Major began a lucrative association with the Carlyle Group, a Washington-based fund management company, within a year of his election defeat, first as a member of its European advisory board, and then as its European chairman. That alone is likely to have been worth substantially more than his prime minister's salary. He took up his first UK directorship, with the car components and bus group Mayflower, a year later. He had several other directorships, and, like most other former prime ministers, he signed a seven-figure deal for his memoirs.

Margaret Thatcher also wrote memoirs, which outsold most books on politics, for which she was paid at least £1.5m, and she was paid more than £250,000 a year as a consultant to the Philip Morris tobacco company – with half the money going to her directly, the other half to the Thatcher Foundation. She also made lucrative tours of the US lecture circuit.

Next week, Mr Blair will give three lectures in North America, and over those three days he will earn nearly as much as he did in three years in Downing Street. On Monday, he will address a crowd of 5,000 at the Gibson Amphitheatre, near Los Angeles, as a guest of the American Jewish University. Some guests will have paid £1,200 for the chance to hear and meet him.

The tickets to his next speech, at Indian Wells, California, a luxury resort oasis near Palm Springs, on Tuesday, will be slightly cheaper, about £500 a head. On Thursday he will be in Toronto, addressing 2,000 people at an event sponsored by TD Bank Financial Group.

It is thought that his fees for this short tour could add up to £500,000, which could push his earnings for his first year on the lecture circuit over the £1m mark, including £240,000 he is said to have been paid for a 20-minute speech in China.

He has also negotiated a deal worth £4.6m with Random House for his memoirs – though the bulk of that money will not be paid until he has produced a manuscript, which could take a long time. From the day he left office, he was also entitled to a pension for life, currently valued at £63,468 a year.

Compare these figures with the £187,611-a-year salary, which until July was all that he could contribute to the Blair household income to supplement the earnings of his wife Cherie, and it is clear how leaving office has improved the Blairs' finances.

Six months ago, they must have struggled just to pay the interest on the £3.5m mortgage on their house in Connaught Square, and £500,000 for the two flats Cherie bought in Bristol. Now the couple have been to look at Winslow Hall, a £3m, 22-acre estate near Chequers.

In March, Mr Blair will move all his operations to a new headquarters on the site of the old US embassy in Grosvenor Square, where he has a 10-year lease costing £550,000 a year. He has another office in Jerusalem, in his capacity as Middle East peace envoy, with a staff that includes four British diplomats, plus security and a fleet of silver SUVs and three Mercedes, provided by the United Nations. The UK has contributed £400,000 towards its running costs, but Mr Blair is unpaid for his work.
Also let us not cast aside the earning potential of his freeloading wife. QCs wages, an alleged £30,000 per speaking engagement, an alleged £1,500,000 book deal and as much hospitality freebies as one (and the entourage) can carry.

Define Skint??????? :x
mad_mac said:
Define Skint??????? :x
Credibility mate, credibility. While Tony 'B'liar and Frog Chops Cheri may not be skint in the beer token sense There's no doubt they are skint of any credibility... Con merchants of the highest order IMHO.
Maybe if they write a nice leter to MDN we can organise an arrse fecking for the two of them. Cancer is too good for them!
Ah Poor Dears, when you mix with the company they aspire to, a mere millionaire IS poor.

"Spare a few thousand BP shares gov. Rich bitch and four kids to set up socially."

I'll go to the USA and tell lies for half his price.
A whipround? So we can all have a go whipping them? Great idea!
he landed on his grubby paws i see!!(sorta)

i sent him an email at the begining of the iraq invasion telling him that our troops would be drawn into street fighting and it would be pretty slow going and pretty bad.(not that i expected him to listern but its worth a shot)

but hey, he still didnt support our troops with decent kit when the US get things like night vision goggles as standard!


just because he has stepped down doesn`t mean he isnt a target anymore!!

so i hope they pop that wanker off right between the eyes!

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