Tony Bliars [sic] Protection Officer in ND drama at airport.

what's going on here? where's the original post?
My heart leapt in joy for a moment..... :evil:

Closest Bliar will ever be to gunfire.....unlike those in uniform he happily sends to war. His "peace efforts" aren't up to much either, given events in the Middle East.
Mag off, working parts to the rear 2 or 3 times, visual; check...what the f*** is there to get wrong?

Oh yes, mag back on, working parts forward, squeeze off the action....BANG....bugger! So much for Plod Weapon Trg Skills.
W*nker for ND
W*nker for missing Blair.
Bet he had a nice thoughful flight back about what his new job will be :lol:
Is it just me or is Bliar looking more and more like Dubya? :?
So I take it poor little protection officer is now on traffic duty, spending more time with his family and an abrupt end to his enhanced nectar points as a frequest flyer, bad luck old son!
Whats the IA then, safety off and one into TB.

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