Tony Bliar - true hypocrisy

Bliar said on Breakfast with Frost this morning that 'British troops performed absolutely heroically' in Iraq.

So why doesn't he treat the military decently? More cuts, more separation, more tours.

Apparently less and less of the population trust him.... How surprising.

The sooner we can vote this dishonest, lying cnut and his cronies out the better.
Caught that statement on C4 news just before I fell into my scratcher exhausted.

I however, maintained just enough energy reserve to hurl a good sized chunk of abuse at the screen

Yes Prime Minister, the boys and girls have performed absolutely heroically, including reserve forces, in spite of the fact, that you have continually dicked them, overstretched and exhausted them.

Somehow, that statement from you, looks like Birging.. (Bathing in reflected glory)
Can't help but wonder how this priminister will be remembered when he is outed next time

I just wish IDS would find a set of balls and stick in a sound opposition
This was the subject of a lot of discussion when I was away, especially as the only way we could get news , was the world service on the other means.

Lot of guys looking at the Scots feller, mostly because he's stuck to his guns, and his Shadow Defence bloke is very pro-forces

Anyway, we've tried the main ones, time to give the third option a try methinks
Lets face it, David Ike and bagpuss could make a better job of it than this clown

Why doent he do the decent thing and walk into a forrest and hang himself.

Or give Jack Straw a crack of the whip......... then again I think we need a complete change not just the joker at the top
Which way, i'll you ewant to say, are people voting next-time around?

Labour lie and decieve and corrupt

Lib/Dem and left-wing dopers/commies

Greens would outlaw all our nasty smoky guns/armour/vehicles

Conservatives apparrently have no spine

..what is there left to do?

i'll be old enough to vote next-time round and i really don't trust any of them, except maybe IDS, he used to be in the army...he might help.

...any ideas?

Those of us who lived through the last year of torys rule . wouldnt trust
them again sa80 that crap 80 pattern camo . NHS trusts lets privitise everything its gotta be better some was some wasent .And anyway tony nicked all their good ideas :? . IDS wants more of the same lets give tax cuts to the rich . etc etc .
How about you leave the tax rates alone and work with what you got
and stop messing around other countries till you fixed this one ?
New labour =old tory
Greens well they have som egood ideas and some mad ones
lib dem probably vote for them as cant stand other two and bnp is too mad
Methinks a new party altogether is whats required, there was an excelent thread on here some time ago about what the policys of various contributors would be. It was really good stuff too! I'd have voted for some of them. Going back to the new party thing tho'.
It would take a few years to gather steam, but I'm sure it will be worth it. Which ARRSE members could we vote into which positions? :wink:

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