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Tony Bliar & family - all threads here please


Seig heil, Ich bin Tony das uber fuhrer....

By popular demand this genius picture cannot be wasted so hence get your captions flowing! Best one gets six bars of Duncans compo choccy and half a cam stick!


Book Reviewer
Capt Cheeky said:

Seig heil, Ich bin Tony das uber fuhrer....

Stand by! :D

Dang ! that caused LOL....you have GOT to share the original source for that pic! I will be honoured to submit it to the MoD's Monthly Intranet caption competition !

<< Armez-vous Les Citoyens! >>

Le Chevre
No drama's Chevre... check your Private Messages,


PS I still pizz myself every time I see it, no wonder half my address book have also recieved it! Pure brilliance on behalf of that journo hack photographer type! :twisted:


War Hero
Book Reviewer
PartTimePongo said:
Let the Caption competition begin.

Photo editing allowed , nay encouraged :D
Edit our great and beloved Leader. I don't think anyone would have the temerity to do such a thing.


How about - "Today Britian - Tomorrow the World!"


"Right, that's Iraq and the U.S. sorted out. Let's get stuck into France & Germany again".

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