Tony Blair's Impeachment...Pt1

Tony Blair should be impeached for Op Telic

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Here we go folks:

MPs call for Blair's impeachment
Harold Pinter and author Iain Banks are to join MPs at Westminster to call for Tony Blair's impeachment over Iraq.
Twenty-three members have signed a Commons motion calling for the prime minister to be thrown from office.

They say he misled Parliament over the case for invading Iraq and want a probe by MPs to examine his conduct in relation to the war.

But the impeachment bid is widely expected to fail and probably will not even be debated in the Commons.

Downing Street says Tony Blair has already been cleared by four separate inquiries into the pre-war intelligence on Iraq.

'Serious breach'

The last attempted impeachment was of Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston back in 1848.

The MPs are mainly Conservatives including Boris Johnson and former ministers John Gummer and Douglas Hogg.

Liberal Democrats, Scottish Nationalists and MPs from Plaid Cymru have also signed the motion.

The allegation against the prime minister is that in making the case against Iraq he was guilty of a serious breach of constitutional principles.

It says he has destroyed "the fundamental principle of parliamentary democracy" and wants a committee to decide whether there are grounds to impeach him on misconduct charges.

'Rules dismissed'

Plaid Cymru's Adam Price, who started the campaign, also wants a Commons debate on Mr Blair's conduct.

People say politicians do nothing and are all alike but today we make a stand for parliamentary democracy
Adam Price
Plaid Cymru

"We must make a stand or watch the democracy we have fought so often for against foreign enemies be subverted from within," he said.
"The rules of constitutional conduct had been brushed aside.

"People say politicians do nothing and are all alike but today we make a stand for parliamentary democracy," he added.

War powers

Officially the Conservative and Liberal Democrats are not supporting the motion.

Donald Anderson, the Labour Swansea East MP and chairman of the Commons foreign affairs committee, has dismissed the plan as a "no-hoper" and a "political stunt".

In a separate move, the Liberal Democrats are calling for a fresh look at the prime minister's power to take the country to war without a vote of MPs.

Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy is tabling a House of Commons motion calling for a special select committee to be established to examine the issue.

The government did put the decision to go to war in Iraq to a vote in Parliament, but was under no obligation to do so.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2004/11/24 10:15:02 GMT



Good headline-grabbing stuff. Election due next year. Will he jump before he is pushed ?
You will not e surprised to hear that the Radio 4 story this morning carried an interview by The Armys' favourite Solicitor who is sticking hos oar in, none other than Shiner the Whiner.
Unfortunately - even if it reaches to the stage where it is 'tabled', I doubt it would succeed. I can see half of Whitehall's legal services, as well as Cherie, making sure that it will go no further. Another scapecoat will be found - like Dr Kelly - another long enquiry - which will produce further questions, further finger pointing - and nothing done at the end of it.

But what if though? What if (rose tinted spectacles here) it went - he was impeached - found guilty - leaves office - JP (or GB) steps in - would he honestly see him go down? Watergate Prt2? :roll:

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