Tony Blair uber Christian

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tropper66, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. My god, what a cringing creep the man is, this must be the most hyporitical "look at me I am a realy nice bloke " load of rubbish ever broadcast on British TV
  2. We know all that, but what are you on about?
  3. Fern does Tony on BBC1 now.
  4. Yep - he approached Fern and said 'do me, do me'.

  5. He is having an interview with Fern Britten on the BBC at this moment and it is completly tooth hurtingly awfull
  6. Ah right, well won't be able to watch that then...thankfully
  7. Tony and Fern, and on a Sunday too! Oh I say :lol: .

    What happened, is his local priest too busy with the alter boys?

    Jeez I do detest these 'born again's' :roll:
  8. Like being savaged by a dead sheep.Why didn't Paxman or Humphries get the gig?
  9. Why woould they want to interview for a programme called 'Fern Britton meets'. Alternatively would they want to do in depth interviews with the likes of Dolly Parton?
  10. Religion the last resort of a scoundrel
  11. the ex CGS is a scoundrel?

  12. Feeling jealous that Fern is sucking off Tony? Don't worry, Whet; I'm sure it's just sex. Nothing at all like the deep love Bliar feels for you... :wink:
  13. I think both GEN Jackson and Dannert could have done a lot more to talk sense to the government and they both claim to be christians

  14. what has that to do with Christians being scoundrels?
  15. Is that what was said or your socialist spin? He said religion was the last resort of a scoundrel. He didn't say all religious people are scoundrels. Ho hum :roll: