Tony Blair to visit Troops on Christmas day?

This comes as no surprise: as Dubya does, so will Bliar. I can hardly wait to see his insincere smile and faux concern for the troops' welfare on TV.

I suppose if I was married to letter-box gob I'd want to be as far away as possible too. Did anyone see the 'leaked' pics of his family Christmas card - his 15 year-old daughter is clearly destined to be a QA - she has just the legs for it!
I'd hope that a Royal figure would turn up, not the greasy PM, who, it must be remembered, is most emphatically not the Head of State.
Unlike the septics are blokes are too cynical and tony would get a roasting unless blokes special chosen and breifed by rsm .Think press
would smell pr stunt and hound him .
Probably make sure no participants of telic 1 there cause some questions might be asked .
I would have thought that most of the participants would have been on Telic 1!
Having just got my postal vote froms from the RAO, I found out that you register for an address in any constituency, if that is where you would wish to live if you were not in the Armed Forces......

I just wonder how many of us would want to live in Sedgefield...... :wink: :wink:

Or how about giving "our Gerry" a message and registering in West Belfast..... :twisted: :twisted:


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It's always been difficult getting blokes to see the advantages of this but my ha'penth worth will be going in. I think Sedgefield Chimp will shoot himself in the foot so I'm definitely moving over the water ! :twisted:
Someone please tell me that the postal vote is not a spoof.

Imagine the power we could have in British politics!?!?! Bliar or the Irish - tell them what we want - this has really tickled my imagination.
The British military could really have a voice. A little co-ord and some direction.

HAhahahahahahahahahahaha! POWER! :twisted:

Seriously - lovely idea. Sedgefield - here we come.
No it's not a spoof. As a serviceman not resident in the UK you are entitled to vote in any constituency in the land. I have mentioned this on otherparts of this forum. Tony Blair's majority is only about 8000, having been halved at the last election by a big dose of voter apathy. It wouldn't take too many of us to chuck him out on his arse and there's f**k all he can do about it: the fact is to be a PM, first you have to be an MP. Hey, why not send a few lads north to Gordon's constituency, might help persuade him to loosen treasury purse strings so we can get the kit we've all been moaning about the lack of.
This from 15 Oct in the Current Arrairs board

As a Service Voter (particularly one overseas) you can register your vote in ANY constituency int he country. Tony Bliar's majority at the last election was 8,000 DOWN on the 97 election. It's constitutionally impossible for him to be PM if he isn't an MP. There are 25,000 servicemen in BF(G) alone. As they say in America "do the math!"

Don't forget to call him Tony, not sir, if you meet him because he isn't commisioned or knighted. Same goes for Buff Hoon, who maybe Def Sec today but could be backbench MP for Lower Scratching tomorow.

PS your dependents get the same rights as you...
It's too good to be true, there must be a catch of some description.

If there isn't, shouldn't you all be on the email means to your mates?

As I know a politico or 2, I'll find out if there is a drawback, and post here
I have long since believed that HMF suffer from not having the equivalent of a US-style Veterens Association that lobbies political parties on behalf of serving and ex members of the forces. The RBL/SSAFA et al are non-political and so with only dis-united Regt'l Assocs there is a lack of a service "voice".

Well now it seems there may be one!

If all non-resident servicemen (Falklands, HMF Germany, Cyprus, and attache's attached to diplomatic staff) registered to vote in Sedgefield, one of 3 things may happen:

1. The Gov't recognises it could loose it's PM and any other senior cabinet minister (Hoon and Brown) by tactical registering and attempts to change the law (which I am sure could be challenged by a civil liberties organisation as an attack on our Human Rights);

2. The Gov't stops posting people to bone places all over the world adding to overstretch for fear of the consequences (making them justify the overstretch in real terms, not spin that they know HMF are powerless to do anything about bu accept anyway);

3. They stop trying to F%&^ HMF over at every turn because they now recognise the inherent danger.

A coups by bloodless means. I'm all in favour of that! :twisted:
As an additional action, we would need suitable candidates to stand in Sedgefield and the other reptiles' constituencies so that a) the reason why Phony Bliar is no longer an MP can be clear and b) HMF have a voice in Parliament.

Well, did he turn up then? I read that he went of to Egypt for a bit of a holiday. He must have changed his mind at the last minute after reading this lot.

Funny sort of christmas?? he decided to pitch up in Basrah Today!!!!! :?

obviously runs off a different calander to the rest of the world

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