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Tony Blair threatens Iran.

German news full of it,apparently,Tony´s threats are quite adamant,over Irans´ return to Atomic Weapons;Just wondered if he talked to the shaved chimp,or if he´s going to invade on his own!

He might of course be talking of an EU Invasion,backed by whom,may I ask?Not one EU country could fight their way out of a paper bag!..........excluding UK of couse.

Would he get pally with Putin?



I think he may send Cherie there on a charity "Talking" tour, the cost of which would cost the Iranians so much that they could not afford a nuclear programme.
Invasion isn't the only option --- assuming energy deals between Iran and China don't buy the Iranians too much cover we could use sanctions.



How about the Sanction of a Pre Emptive strike? We gotta replace Trident anyway, seems a logical way of saving money on decommisioning!
Herrenbloke said:
How about the Sanction of a Pre Emptive strike?
How about if Mr. Blair signs out a rifle, a bag of grenades, a good sturdy pair of boots, and invades Iran by himself?

W might possibly be persuaded to join his trans-Atlantic comrade in this noble venture.

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