Tony Blair talks to Tesco to open stores in Middle East

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pimpernel, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Gosh what a Global ego this man has, so peace and Tescos go hand in hand in the Middle East do they Tony!
  2. He's a cnut ! liar , and a discredit to England .
  3. I wish the traitor would just f uck off.
  4. Who in their right mind would associate themselves with him ?
  5. Traitors, criminals and general scum AKA Labour party MP's
  6. Again, this f**ker interferes abroad when we have so much to sort out at home. Still, he never bothered with the UK when he was in power, i just hope the EU Presidency eludes him.
  7. Opening supermarkets sounds like a job for rent-a-gob, Cherie Blair/Booth/Ltd or whatever she's calling herself these days. The woman would attend the opening of an envelope, if there was cash in it.

    Tony's having to set his sights a bit lower these days. The lecture gigs at £50,000 a go are starting to dry up. The UK government won't be paying him a six figure sum for being, err, for being Tony Blair after next May. 'WTF are we paying him for?' asks the group of four as Hilary Clinton achieves more in the Middle East in a month than Tony has achieved in two years.

    Tony could be doing panto next year if he's not careful.
  8. Surely the only place Tesco could open stores in the ME would be Israel-don't think Gaza quite ready for Cohen's 8O :slow:
  9. Which part do you think would suit him best?
  10. The horse's arse. :wink:
  11. The arrse-end of the panto-horse, with George W. Bush in the front end so that Bliar could have his nose firmly planted up Bush's rectum!

    This twat was our prime minister!!!!
  12. Well they did set up a helpline to assist those seeking to boycott Israeli goods.

    Never work though, their humus is awful.
  13. Oh no he won't.
  14. Well thank fcuk he's Scottish :D