Tony Blair on the Andrew Mar Show

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mortars2cg, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. He boils my piss. Simple.
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  2. Bet he don't care

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  3. Wouldn't it be a fucking shame if someone were to slot him.
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  4. Yes it fucking would. I want to see him hanged with piano wire.
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  5. One not to watch then.
  6. They'll all tune in and sit there frothing at the mouth as the smarmy little git speils his usual self serving lies.
    Expect a bumper ARRSE obituary column. Cerebral and myocardial infarctions, strokes and alcohol poisoning being the main causes of death.
  7. Fortunately,I had to go and have a crap just as his face appeared! :meditate:

    If I want to see a Blair interview,there's one on YouTube,seen one,you've seen 'em all! ;-)
  8. Not me, I know how cross it would make me so I'm just going to finish this cup of tea then knock one out with the assistance of some Redtube lesbians.
  9. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    That reply was pure fucking genius. The Blair is a slimy cnut and I too would pay good money to see that.
  10. I think our Tone is misunderstood,,,,,,In the same way that Adolf was...
  11. I agree, he's totally misunderstood.

    I was listening in on a conversation between two, seemingly well-educated people, the other day. They were discussing the state of the nation and bemoaning the Tories win at the last election. "The country wouldn't be in the state it is if Tony had remained as PM, following his policies through would have seen the country ride the financial storm."

    There are millions, who will never, ever get it.
  12. Whenever I am feeling low and somewhat despairing of the British judicial system I just get a coffee and watch this again and again and again.
  13. You're cunts for electing the thing twice. That's like backing up the Titanic so you can take another run at the iceberg.
  14. Thing was, if you go by number of people who voted, a majority did not vote for him. Our odd voting system of the party that wins the most seats gets in allowed him to stay so long. If we didn't have such a mad system, we wouldn't have this Coalition government, as most votes were for Tory.
  15. He's a weasel. So's his wife, and his son is growing into one as well. They are no different from any other politician. They will secure their futures at any cost, and that includes your life, which doesn't cost much. You mean jack shit to them. Your families mean even less and serve only to support their cause with this 'he died fighting for his country' bollox. You're not fighting for this country. I don't see any Afghan aircraft strafing London just like I didn't see any Iraqi's do likewise. They don't give a fuck if you kark it in Helmand, Hohne or fucking Hull. Why do you people get upset when they tell lies? They've been doing it for years and you have voted for them or the party they happen to lead, because they told better lies than the cunts they replaced. And you will do it all again next election time.
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