Tony Blair Next President of Europe?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ruckerwocman, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. The mind boggles. (Sorry. It's from the SUN) :omg:

    President Blair ‘within weeks’
    Deputy Political Editor
    Published: Today


    TONY Blair is set to be made the first President of Europe in weeks, The Sun can reveal.

    He will be nominated by EU leaders in Brussels if, as expected, Ireland backs the hated Lisbon Treaty in tomorrow's referendum.

    A senior Government source said: "If we get a 'Yes' vote it will all move very, very quickly. Tony could be named by the end of October."
    The leaders of the EU's 27 nations, not the voters, will choose the president.

    Former PM Mr Blair would not formally take up the powerful position until all EU countries ratified the Treaty.

    Even if Ireland votes "Yes", Poland and the Czech Republic are still to decide. But Sweden, which currently holds the EU presidency, wants a president named by the end of this month - and Mr Blair is favourite.
    Asked if Mr Blair was the only real candidate, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner replied: "For the moment, indeed."

    A senior French diplomat added: "Who will dare say no to Tony Blair?" He played down concerns about Mr Blair's support for the Iraq War.
    The revelations came as Tory leader David Cameron said his party would think again about a referendum on the Treaty if every EU country approves it.

    If all don't, he vowed to hold a national vote on the issue.
    He said: "If the Germans ratify, if the Poles ratify, if the Czechs ratify, if the Irish vote 'Yes' to the Treaty, then a new set of circumstances (apply), and I will address those at the time."

  2. So where is that application to emigrate gone time to dust it off and look for a democracy to live in.
  3. As Captain Kevin Darling (of Blackadder fame) wrote in the last entry in his diary, "Bugger".
  4. And will The Wide Mouth Frog be "assisting" him?
  5. How many times do I have to remind posters that Cherry Bliar will be Empress of the European Soviet Union and she will expect Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to cede precedence and to curtsy to her.

    If there was ever an overriding reason to quit the corrupt European Soviet Union then this is it. Come on Mr. Cameron - your move.

    An organisation that is so corrupt and badly run; so unaccountable; incapable of having its finances audited, would never think twice about selecting in an undemocratic way, a war-monger and a man tinged with sleaze (Mandelson; Eccleston; BAe; Cash for Honours; dodgy voting arrangements; dodgy friends and advisors) such as Bliar - a vacuous opportunist, more 'wanabee' pop-star than politician. Maybe the enquiry into the 'goings on' at BAe will implicate Bliar, but even so, that would only be in keeping with the corruption levels of the European Soviet Union.

    PS: When Bliar is 'anointed' watch Mandelson scuttle of back to the Brussels trough.
  7. Can't get rid of Bliar, can't get rid of Mandleson. Fcuk me, New Labour, the b@stards just keep coming back 8O

    Mark my words, if Cyclops does get re-elected (still possible by the way :omg: ) what's the odds on Cherie becoming Baroness Bliar and getting some position in government (how about next attorney general when Baroness Scotland goes off to 'spend more time with her family' 8O )

    Shower of cnuts!
  8. Thought the wide mouth frog despised all things of en-noblement, or was, as with the majority of labour, only when they were not titled themselves
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I wonder if he might nominate himself to be the first 'Kennedy' of Europe.
  10. I think she's probably about as principled as the rest of the New Labour crowd in that respect! She'd no doubt give it the 'doing it to serve my country' patter as if becoming enobled a hardship to her.

    Honestly, I can see it happening!
  11. Blimey, the word honestly and a New Labour character on the same page a shock to the system
  12. This thread subject is the epitome of "Read it and weep".

    Y'know, sometimes I can actually see the attraction of living under the "Dear Leader".
  13. Great... A president I can't elect. Yeay democracy. I trust its just a figurehead role, with no real power?
  14. Come on most of the power positions are filled by non-elected chums of each other
  15. Yet still our Irish neighbours are expected to vote 'Yes' in their referendum.

    We must be living in a collective nightmare!