Tony Blair - Middle East Peace envoy

Tony has cancelled a trip to Gaza due to a "specific security threat"

No link yet, its just come up on Sky news.

Why could they not keep it quiet until he was there.... :x


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I thought that was the whole idea? Nab the b@stard (or at least one of them) that was responsible for the wars in the ME, and peace is restored. Bliar could then, quite rightly, be called a martyr for peace, and everyone could walk away happy (apart from bits of him) with honour satisfied.
In the interest of peace it is imperative that TB un-cancels his fcuking trip and gets out to Gaza. He should take that cnut of a wife with him.
So what makes this particular "unemployed" Brit more important than an expensivly trained and highly motavated squady being sent to somewhere warm and sandy. Let him experience the sh1t he has dproped on others for so long.

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