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Tony Blair in ego shocker!!!!

Channel 4 news have been running a caption contest for all 3 "leaders" xmas cards, the best to be read out on the show. Unfortuneatly neally all were deamed to adult to be read out before the watershed!!
Theory is that cards predict result of next election.
Howard with the cuddly animals
Liberal git in a bothy somewhere in jockland
Blair back in his castle

God help us
In relation to the comments on the three cards from tories labour and the poofters (libdems), i heard some of the listeners comments on BBC radio scotland.

The best one was the description of charles kennedy's card (a bothy in the snow infornt of a snow covered mountain)

Went something like this....

"Another scotch on the rocks please"

Sounded better at the time :oops:

agent smith

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