Tony Blair: Immigration Has Been Good for Britain

Tony Blair has defended his immigration policies warning that people who come to Britain have played a positive role and they should not be made a “scapegoat for our problems”.

Tony Blair: immigration has been good for Britain - Telegraph
By Robert Winnett, Political Editor 3:52PM GMT 18 Dec 2012

The former Prime Minister suggested that the debate over immigration should be “handled with care” as he indicated it could descend into racism and nationalism.

He insisted that he was not “out of touch” with the concerns of ordinary Britons and said, “the Polish community contributes a lot to this country”.

In a rare address to journalists in Parliament, Mr Blair delivered the warning just days after Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, claimed that his party had previously done “too little” to address the impacts of mass immigration.

However, the former Prime Minister declined to apologise for his policies and launched a staunch defence of the benefits of immigration.

“Of course it has to be controlled, and illegal immigration has to be tackled head on. It's important that we do that,” he said. “But overall I would like to say that I think immigration has been good for Britain and most immigrants have assimilated well. So don't make them a scapegoat for our problems.”

Mr Blair has been repeatedly criticised after his Government issued official predictions forecasting that 13,000 people would move to Britain after immigration controls were lifted from Eastern Europe in 2004. Hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans subsequently relocated to this country putting pressure on schools and other public services.

However, the former Prime Minister also refused to accept that this policy had been misguided.
Mr Blair was making a rare appearance in Parliament during which he spoke and answered questions.
He also urged politicians to talk about the benefits of Britain’s membership of the European Union – describing discussions about leaving the union as “dangerous and immensely damaging”.
“Talk of leaving [the EU] is dangerous, immensely damaging to Britain’s long-term interests,” he said. “I think the UK has an opportunity to play a part in shaping the new Europe and it should seize it. And we should neither have an empty chair nor empty gestures.”

He said that the issue was now being regularly raised with him at high-level meetings around the world.
The former Prime Minister also reiterated previous comments that he had “condoned” or been aware of British agents torturing foreign terror suspects – or allowing other countries to conduct such activities on the behalf of the country. The British authorities are currently investigating whether any secret agents were complicit in rendition or torture.

Although denying any knowledge of such conduct, Mr Blair added: “It is important that people remember that at the time our country was facing a very severe threat from terrorism.”

Mr Blair, who said he paid all his taxes in Britain, insisted he was not planning a return to political life – and that he had not accepted a peerage because he did not have time to attend the House of Lords.
He also refused to say whether he will campaign for Mr Miliband in the 2015 general election.

The only question that he refused to answer was whether President Obama should introduce new gun control laws in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting.
So that's OK then.

Although he does seem to have conveniently forgotten about this bit:

Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser

Labour threw open Britain's borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a "truly multicultural" country, a former Government adviser has revealed.
Blair (and the Labour party for that matter) is a traitor and dedicated to destroying the British way of life. The sooner he relinquishes British citizenship the better, sadly I can't see that happening.

I also can't see how he can defend himself, I could have sworn he admitted the multiculturalism experiment was a failure not so long ago.
I'm surprised anyone in the media cares what a failed and disgraced ex-politician like Blair has to say.
You shouldn't be. He's always good for a self-serving headline. That's gold from a news editor's perspective.

I'm more surprised that anyone on here should be surprised that he's unrepentant. The man doesn't do wrong.

The truth is that mass inward immigration causes an outflow of wealth. So we got lots of good Polish plumbers and builders? If we stopped pursuing the ludicrous idea of having half our kids go to uni - itself a fudge to hide youth unemployment - the country could be self-sufficient in artisans.

But that would undermine and highlight another of Labour's policies/failures - that fit-for-purpose knowledge economy they kept going on about...
Well it's certainly been good for various national sports teams. Where would England rugby and cricket be if they had to rely on native born English players?
Tony has been accused of Lying before...
I think it would be easier to identify the times when he has told the truth, it would take you less time!

Perhaps he would like to come and live in west London for a few months.
Lets be honest Jimmy Saville has more mates than the Bliar man, but be warned he hasnt gone away, he'll be back in one form or another, be ready for his re-incarnation.
Is he feeling vulnerabl since the recent revelations from new, new liebour?
I thought it was rather interesting watching BBC24 this morning, running a feature on the growing number of homeless. It's like a re-run from the last time the Tories ran Britain. Run up to Christmas - run out the homelessness issue. The main difference last time of course was that the average homeless joe was not called Karel from Prague, or somewhere in that general direction.

I have to say, as someone who actually believes in reasonably open boarders, that it's not the open boarders that is the issue. We can all travel to France, Spain, Italy etc etc. But they don't appear to have a regime that encourages Romanian Pikeys to descend on them, only to draw the dole whilst flogging the 'Big Issue' - and living in places like St George's Crypt... to bolster the homeless stats. No sir, in those aforementioned dominions, homeless visitors are called backpackers and the images I saw on BEEB this morn of the said Crypt, looked like pretty good digs for the backpacker... and free food too. Never got free food at any of the backpacker hostels I stayed in.

So, in conclusion... let them come - give em fek all and if they step out of line... flog em all the way back to where they came from. And hang the cnut running the Big Issue, a company that is clearly and obviously exploiting and capitalising on the fact the importing or encouraging migration of desperate people into the UK is the only way they can justify their existence. It's a clear Bigger Issue, and one which will definitely receive some deep probing in the not too distant future.
He really is a shit from the Premier Division of shits!
He's also playing in the Champions' League of shits with his good work in Kazakhstan. According to Private Eye he was paid £16m to advise the goverment there on modernisation: the regime has subsequently announced its intention to ban 30 newspapers, TV stations and internet sites.

I'm still wondering what happened to his role as Middle East peace envoy; was it a success?
Gentlemen - you are forgetting the hidden sub-text to all Blair's burblings...

"I was a great PM".

Well, I suppose he has to say it himself if he wants it said. Everyone else regards him as a liar and warmonger who bankrupted the country and whose character is an amalgam of greed and spite.

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