Tony Blair - Grinning from ear to ear.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. I have been sat watching the news over the last few days and in particular today. Gordon has taken an absolute beating verbally off anybody who can get their face infront of a camera and the labour party is finally being publicly pulled to pieces for the British Public to see.

    However it all got me thinking... Where is Tony Blair?

    Surely if we are in such a poor state then the man that was at the wheel for a decade needs to be recieving plenty of incoming too.

    Is he sat in the sun drinking a cold one wondering what he is going to throw on the BBQ or is it only a matter of time before this catches up with him.

    Personally I've always held the belief that Gordon was his stunt double and the grinning Spiv won't have to answer to any of this.

  2. Shhh, I have him in my basement, Pulp Fiction style. Best people don't start asking questions about where he is...
  3. Always thought that Gordo was so focused on getting the Top Job that he didn't notice that Tone had done him up like a Kipper... I firmly believe that indicators of the coming problems were on the horizon back in 2006/2007 and "Tone got out of the boat... and split from the whole f***ing programme" knowing full well that Gordo was going to be left like the deaf kid playing musical chairs when the poo finally de-bussed at the fan...
  4. Certainly passed on a poison chalice. However I was just glad to be rid of his grinning moron wife!
  5. Don't blame him for having a grin. PLP ditched him for their favourite son, Gordon Brown, (not flash). Now look at the state of the Party. Just shows, Labour didn't learn any lessons from the knifing given to Thatcher by the likes of Heseltine and Clarke. The ultimate irony will be the sight of hoards of Labour MPs being booted out whenever the election is held.

  6. msr

    msr LE

    They were in plain view from the day Gordo raided the pension funds more than 10 years ago.

  7. It's the difference between being "intelligent" and "smart", Gordos intelligent (yes I know he often doesn't seem it) but Blair was smart, it's a mix of intellect and cunning, smart people will often beat more intellegent but less swift people.
  8. You would think One Eye would have kept an eye on the minefield he laid himself :p is it bad to snigger
  9. Sort of my chain of thought. However you would have thought Gordon being in charge of our wallets would have had him perfectly placed in order to anticipate what was coming for the country and giving it a miss.

    In this pass the book blame anyone but yourself culture surely the entire labour party should be attempting to point the finger at Tony. Or are they staying loyal incase he becomes The next President of The EU/The Pope?
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Sky news had a team at his house the morning, but he dived in his car and fecked off, "worth a try" the reporter said.
  11. Can't help wondering if the Emperor Mong himself may have had a word with poor old Gordon, just as he has with all of us at some stage and whilst mine were "minors" in scale, His Imperial Majesty decided to pull out all the stops for Gordon!
  12. Well considering we're all stuck in the same bloody minefield, I'd say sniggering is at best a waste of your attention...

    As a rule of thumb, the enjoyment of a disastrous spectacle should be inversely proportional to your involvement in it.
  13. Both Brown the Clown and Phoney Tony grossly overestimated themselves and fatally, and arrogantly, underestimated the capacity of the UK electorate to suss their little games.

    Phoney Tony got totally carried away by the wave of relief that initially ensued when he was elected in 1997 and folks finally felt that they had somebody to turn to in order to push forward a sadly lacking agenda of “real politics” that would address the urgent questions so many were asking. The 1997 Labour win was not so much a win as a loss by the Conservatives, who had no such charismatic figure as an opponent, since they’d selfishly sacrificed the highly talented William Hague too early to satisfy themselves that they’d seen off a young and promising upstart.

    The 1997 election triumph fulfilled all of Phoney Tony’s "crazy dreams" of being a highly popular person exalted by others. He finally saw the reward of standing for sheer hours on end in front of the bedroom mirror practising basking in the imagined adoration of huge crowds (as he’d so often practised with his guitar when he thought he had a chance as a rock-star). Phoney Tony is the ultimate opportunist.

    But Phoney Tony really revelled in all the attention he was getting at last and it became his "raison d'etre. To put it crudely, Phoney Tony wanted to be the biggest dick on the block. Thus he diverted his objectives from politics (which were only ever a vehicle he shallied with until it, unexpectedly, gave him the fawning flattery he craved) to his personal cult. Everything was to be aimed at maximising his own, personal “magic”. Don’t forget, this is the guy who gave out the order to his hired minions that they were to ”find positive things with which he can personally be associated”.

    Phoney Tony was never the least interested in governing. His only aim was to become as popular as possible. In his growing arrogance, he never actually foresaw that folks would see through him and begin to ask fundamental questions about his leadership. He parried this with lip-trembling appearances at Lady Di's planting and other Oscar performances at, for instance, sites that had been flooded. His carefully staged earnest nodding and assurances that: "I understand", were never complemented by his real-life attitude of: “but like I give a fück!.

    I could write a whole book on Phoney Tony, but that’s not the point. I just thought it important to reveal his true character to a certain extent.

    Brown the Clown to follow.

  14. The 'spiv' "grinning from ear to ear" - has some hero slit his throat then?