Tony Blair gets £400,000 of taxpayer's cash earmarked for the world's poor

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by REMEbrat, May 8, 2011.

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  1. Another 400,000reasons to hate the cunt
  2. As if he needs any more reasons!

    The fucker should have a rope round his neck and be used as a pullthrough on a howitzer
  3. I for one need no more reasons, just remembering what he has done to this country along with the rest of those treasonous scum in the last administration is enough reason to hate him.
  4. Tony Blair is a greedy, lying, self serving cunt. His wife is also a greedy, gopping, self serving cunt. Did I mention she is fucking ugly?
  5. Not with a bag over her head, she isn't.
  6. Not surprised - the money came from DfID, a bunch of dodgy cunts who've been followed by the Private Eye for years now. Guess when they started to change from an arm investing in essential, but not hugely profitable industries in underdeveloped countries to dodgy, high-risk punts? Before 2007 I think you'll find...
  7. As was pointed out to me earlier, some fuglyness transcends even a solid barrier, never mind something as ephemeral as a mere bag.

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  8. Champagne Socialists..... but then the Grinning Spiv never was a true Labourite. Just a greedy lawyer with his hands out for Cash. (all alleged of course). Nothing wrong with making money or being wealthy. But it's the motives that drives the person, and their integrity. B'Liar has neither, just a free-loading shyster..... all alleged of course.

    "His xxxxxxx..... well... It's Yaaay big..... satisfaction me....!"

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  9. There is a scene in Band of brothers where one character says to another who has received a fourth Purple Heart,

    'Have you no shame?'

    Blair has no shame, and for all the religious claptrap he spouted, when being converted to Catholicism, to please his grasping, letterbox of a wife (I do wonder if they have a Dalmation dog fur coat; 'Whose turn to be Cruella?', 'Oh yours my darling.')

    I know he won't be brought to any sort of reckoning. But to read in the papers that he is a quadraplgic basket case after a massive stroke, but with his wealth can be kept alive for years. Well he could live with that, I know I can.

    'I don't do God.' I bet he told the Pope that one, cunt, and rant over.
  10. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    A plastic bag, tied nice and tight?

    Ditto her loathsome husband....

  11. Has no one a kind word for the "Regular kind of guy" to quote the turd himself?
  12. Sorry to be anal, but it was Alaister Campbell with "We don't do God". Something of a New Labour classic that. This actually makes it worse of course, because the cunt didn't have the integrity or courage to say it himself, he just slavishly obeyed his spin doctor. There is no-one I hate on this Earth more than B lair. I don't believe in rejoicing in a person's death and was appalled at the American reaction to OBL getting the good news, but for B lair I'd make a single exception.
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  13. Nothing surprises me about this grasping and grinning 'spiv'. Amoral is not a strong enough word to describe him; neither is hypocritical. Dishonest; opportunistic; shallow; intellectually challenged; posturing; vain; begin to paint a picture describing the awful man.

    However, the most accurate description I can find is: smegma like excremental show-off!

    Cameron MUST ensure that these payments are stopped with immediate effect.
  14. Quite right chubb. Now fuck of to the spackersRus forum.