Tony Blair could enter EU presidency race

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hong_kong_fuey, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. In a country where protesting is illegal and the ruling party holds 97 per cent of the seats in parliament, several people said they were impressed by Mr Blair's open manner. "He actually answers questions," said one.

    It's about time he answered a few in his own country then, such as when are the media whoring couple ( him and the witch) going to leave our shores for good and not just for money grabbing PR stunts like his tour of Singapore???????? :rage: :rage:

    Rant over, happy again :D
  2. Smarmy wee shite!

    I reckon is the man Aleksander Kwa?niewski. Vote for an inebriate; you know it make sense.
  3. Theoretically, Blair would stand a good chance of success were he to run for the EU presidency. After all, he's sold so much of Britain, it's laws, it's traditions and culture generally to the EUSSR, that they owe him a good back scratching. I just wish he'd fcuk off and die a slow and agonising death -- beginning with testicular cancer -- instead of embarrassing us abroad even further.
  4. After reading alib's post, I found a bit I missed.

    "He then spoke for another five minutes about the Middle East peace process and "the challenges of global leadership"."

    He's not after the EU Presidency, he's after World Domination.
  5. I would rather have Kate & Gerry babysit my kids than have this clown exercise any control over my life again.

    If he's given the job, it'll prove once and for all how dead to honour modern politicians are - all of them.
  6. Blair managed to "earn" £240,000 for his speech to the Chinese. Imagine how many sets of body armour you could buy for that!
  7. Blair may not even apply for the post of EU President, he may b ePope by then , still he could do a Broone I suppose and do both jobs part time.
  8. Perhaps there's method in his madness. Isn't one of the perks of the president's job total legal and diplomatic immunity throughout the EU?
  9. He'll probably fucking need them if he becomes EU President.
  10. Proves what a dissolute and disgusting organization the Eurosupine Soviet Union is. Platinum plated troughs for the unelected and unaccountable.
  11. I would be surprised if Blair could win a contest for the presidency of the EU. He has marginal appeal to the majority of Europe and to be fair he has had his time.

    The chances of him winning an election also depend on who will be voting, Will it be a full Europe wide vote of every individual or will it be, as I suspect down to those already in power to cast a single vote each ie members of the European Parliament and other national governments.

    Again, would you want a man who is clearly a war monger, lapdog to the American president and sycophant to celebrity. Tony Blair has demonstrated that he is disinclined to listen to advice, quick to say he is guided by Gods will and has been corrupted by power, changing the prime ministerial role by using a more presidential style.

    Would you want him back? Let him trip round the world lecturing those who are stupid enough to listen. And then, hopefully into obscurity.
  12. It wont even be the parliament that decides. The President will be appointed by the leaders of the EU states. Ordinary plebs like us wont get a look in.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It would be a job and place well suited to his skills.

    Nobody speaks the language, it's corrupt as hell, it thrives and survives only through misleading everyone, it generates thousands of pointless and stupid laws, it trashes the sovereignty of nations, it squanders billions on wasteful and unecessary projects, it steals the working man's money, it's a huge fraud and it will all end in tears.

    Question: Am I talking about the European Parliament, or am I talking about the Labliar Gobment?
  14. :D :D And Tony will kiss the papas ring the job his his :D :D :D