Tony Blair and Ruth Kelly - The paedophiles friends

Ruth Kelly

Note the picture caption.

Another "great" move for our very own Nazi party

As well as - being complicit in the murder of Iraqi civillians
- Taking backhanders from a businessman to fcuk up the UK steel industry
- voting fraud
- making every effort to turn the UK into the 51st state of the the USA

we now are now told it is okay for kiddie fiddlers to work with children. What a fcuking spineless joke for a leader. If he has a shred of deceny left he should sack this religous nutcase and have her locked up.

All right for those two though, their children won't be at risk.

Ooh how I feel sorry for you labour voters, I don't know how you sleep at night.

No wonder I'm emmigrating

a mate of mine called "william gibson" (same name as the wierdo) has been at the bad end of a few jokes recently lol.

i agree, what a load of crap.

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