Tony Banks at deaths door

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. In anticipation of the death of Tony Banks (Lord Stratford of Stratford in the borough of Newham as is) I would like to make a bold stand against the "a brilliant parliamentarian, he will be sadly missed" (q.v. Not the Nine O Clock News) school of Arrse obituaries.

    Tony Banks was a very vicious politician, who was totally wrapped into half a dozen issues. His tactics and doctrine during the Hunting Bill were often vile and his apologies for animal rights terrorists equally so. He was a prurient puritanical stuffy pompous and thoroughly jumped up little man who thrived on bitter controversy but avoided constructive debates. He was no friend to the Armed Forces.

    Just thought I'd make my position clear before the inevitable crocodile tears start. He was not fit to tie Rachel Squires' shoes...
  2. Well said, that man!
  3. The Professional Cockney is a lefty nob and I for one will not be lamenting his passing. Mr Rentaquote
  4. Seen crossing his fingers when he took the oath of allegiance to the Queen during a new session of Parliament; one of the 'champagne socialist' movement. Hypocritical, (actually first tried to stand as a Liberal way back when) and too closely allied to Red Ken for most people's liking.

    Will be missed by a couple of animals, but not by the vegetables he ate instead.
  5. Unpleasent man who dosent really deserve the death he is getting imho.
  6. At Death's door, eh?

    Can't wait to hear it slam!

    OBTW, how were those tw*ts Hain and Prescott when last seen.. might as well go for it wholesale! :twisted:
  7. I throughly agree that Banks was a nasty piece of work, though I am waiting for "one of the great parlimentarians of our time" eulogies to come out when he does pop off.

    As the Grim Reaper seems to have his sights set on Neu Arbeit Inner Party members perhaps an Arrse Death Pool is in order.

    My five nominations:

    and of course the Great Helmsman himself.
  8. Prescott getting cremated would make the Hemel Hempstead fire look like an instant barbecue. I met him last year in a previous job, and the TV cameras actually take of 20 pounds in his instance
  9. Like these - Prescott has to be the biggest oaf ever to grace the Mother of Parliaments. However, would also like to add Broon (utter boor and ocean going tw*t). The rest of Tony's gang probably measure up as no more then simpering sycophants, at best.
  10. Is that the chap that was the sports minister for a bit?
  11. Banks is a vile and spiteful individual who epitomises everything that is bad about this government. No tears will be found flowing down these rosy cheeks. It is a shame that he will not live to see the Hunting Act eventually be repealed. Tally Ho.
  12. May he burn in the eternal fires of hell, the cnut!
  13. Always like to see members of the Labour party kicking the bucket, even better when it's an odious c*nt like him.
  14. Banks was without doubt a complete cnut who did a diservice to sport as sports minister and could only see football as his job and ignored everything else.
    The hunting community was his target during the last years of his political life which he purseud with venon; and to find out today that David Mellor was a great friend just confirms that some cnuts reallly deserve each other.
    The end of Banks could not come soon enough for me.