Tony Baloney does it - again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. Whilst the McCartney sisters have been devoting themselves to trying to get justice - nay, just some governmental attention would be nice - Billy Liar has studiously ignored this problem that might affect his relationship with those nice guys at Sinn Fein. He has, however, involved himself and his Ministers in Jamie's school dinner crusade. Of course, just with words and the routine appointment of his universal cure-all of targets and Inspectors. We have the farcical situation that the names of the McCartney killers are known to the Police yet they still walk the streets and skulk in the shadows. Even their 'disappearance' in IRA style would be better justice and more acceptable than what is now happening. What was all that fuss about locking people up for if they exhibited terrorist symptoms? Does Tony or Charlie (Cromwell) Clark think these guys are social workers? This man must GO. I care not what party governs but Bliar is the cancerous node and must be got rid of. I wish some IRA men would come to me and offer their 'solution' in respect of this duplicitous clown.
  2. Well said ORC,

    a liar, cheat and charlatan of the first order.

    However much we here at ARRSE hate him, we need the majority of the country to vote him and his shower of shiit out in May.

    I for one would love to see the Government use these control orders on the IRA scum but somehow I doubt this will happen.........wouldn't want to upset old Jerry now would we :?

    However the bigger worry for me is their continuence to try and sell this corrupt white elephant to us that is Europe. I for one what nothing to do with it, we have sold too much of our power away on a grand socialist experiment that is failing the people it was meant to help.

    Roll on 2007, my pension arrives and I head for the airport :(
  3. On yesterday's "Today" programme a minister claimed that the Govt had been working with Jamie Oliver on his campaign since December 2003. This was not quite how the TV production company saw it: they sent a fax to the education ministry in December 2003 announcing what they were up to but the first formal meeting was in December 2004 (the one with Charles Clarke (? I didn't see it) shown in the programme).

    Do these people think we are so stupid that they can lie, lie and lie again and when caught out we will be the ones in the wrong?!?
  4. Yes!

    However, the wheels are coming off the inept Liabour campaign. They'll probably experience a short-lived post-budget increase in support, but I'd bet on a maximum Liabour/Tory 2 point gap come election day. Liabour's turnout will be the lowest ever, and they will be unable to count on the tactical votes of Lib Dems. This will lead to a dismal election performance, probably not a hung parliament but enough of a loss to see Bliar ditched by the party. A more balanced parliament can only be to everyone's benefit.

    The alternative does not bear thinking about!