Tony B. Liar In Spain.


Saw Tony on the news yesterday on his visit to Spain, getting loads of support from Jose-Maria Aznar, the Spanish President.

So, that's Gibraltar sent down the river then.......!
Bloody hell HVM, I thought exactly the same thing. Why would the Spanish Prez support War on Iraq, when his SF were picking up terrs. left right and centre, then I thought....Lumps of Rock with salt in everything....

Hmmmmmmm, and what about all those other European nations that said yes?

Italy? With a Prime Minister who is a watchword for honesty and Integrity

Poland? The military re-equipment deal heavily subsidised by the US

Czech republic? - Dollars please, actually, I'm surprised at the Czech republic, not a nation of yes men, unless they're getting the same deal as the Poles?

Hungary - Ditto

Portugal ?

So that leaves, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway,Greece etc as non-signees. Hmmmm


while we are talking about gibraltar why don't blair as k J.M.anzar about his 2 african cities in morrocco called Ceuta and Mililla they are a lot bigger than gibraltar and they dont want to give it back to morrocco and they also made it an integral part of spain with their own MP . :mad:

maybe we should grant the same thing to gibraltar with its own MP. ;)

spain has given up all claims to gibraltar when the spanish people and the spanish army ran away and left the place deserted .........possession is 9/10 th of the law and the people of gibraltar are british in every sense of the word identity, language and culture . :p

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