Toning abdomen but without lying down

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by REMEbrat, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. I desperately need to tone up my wobbly belly but unfortunately there is no space in my house to do any of the exercises that involve lying down. What exercises can I do that are done either standing or sitting?
  2. toning your wobbly belly?
    you don't need to lie down.
    in fact you need to go running.
    you'll see ab's at a level of low body fat %
    so get running and clean up your diet, =P
  3. Do you live here by any chance?

    Do some sit-ups on your bed, or pause whilst running and do them then.
  4. overhead squats

    hold somthing heavy over your head and do squats (harder than you think)

    start off with a full 2lt bottle of booze and work it up from there
  5. Surely a WAH. Outside is bigger than you. Find some space :?
  6. Unfortunately for the last two years we've been living in a nice large house until the landlord decided he wanted some cash so he sold house and left us out on our ear. The only house we could find that would let us keep our dogs is about 2/3s the size but curiously £50 p/m more expensive! :x
  7. i agree that is a pain in the arse, but take to dogs running and do some pull ups in the local park when the hounds are eating small children
  8. get on all fours, back straight. Exhale fully,then without breathing in, pull your stomach muscles in towards your spine as hard as you can. Hold for 5 secs and then release as you breathe in. 5 reps building to 10reps holding for 10 sec. Can aso be done standing up, bent forward with hands on table or chair for support.It works though....look at me!!! :D
  9. Or be incredibly lazy and use a slendertone machine :D
  10. Is a gym out of the question? If so go HERE If you hold your belly (not suck it in) as part of standing correctly this will help too. Try this on a long hike or when running, it is hard to do.
    Though if you wish to lose the flab do intensive CV work. Any compound exercises will help strengthen your abs like pull-ups ,press-ups and burpees. Exercises like the wood-chop and Turkish sit-up will also help as well as pilates.
    Try not to just exercise them in isolation, you would be surprised at the number of exercises which while exercising other body parts will tax your abs if done properly.
  11. Abdominal exercises don't build tone. METAPHOR TIME.

    You are a lump of clay in the shape of a human, to have tone you'd have to have that area visible to work on. Not possible until you REMOVE SOME CLAY, after that you can do the fine detail, e.g. toning.

    Metaphor over, basically lose some weight.
  12. Doesn't interval training burn a lot of fat in the belly area?
  13. It burns a fat for a long time after you finish exercising. Any activity which taxes your body to an uncomfortable degree will burn more calories in the short time that you can do it compared to something which is done at a less intense rate. Your body will decide where the fat comes off!
  14. I'll be using that one in the future, i'd not heard before.
  15. I believe that great betrayer of the gym world, Arnold Schwarznegger, said it. However what comes around goes around haha.