Tonights RBL Festival of Rememberance on BBC

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MilitaryWatches, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Is it only me that thinks the RBL Festival has gone down hill? I certainly don't mean to offend anyone but I am sitting here watching it now and have just seen 'Blake' perform 'Up where we belong' - what the f**k has that got to do with rememberance.

    It is if the muster is some kind of afterthought the BBC fits in under protest. What happened to the good old format!

    Surely it should concentrate on the military. I accept that it is a good thing to incorporate the likes of Katherine Jenkins in the service as she does actually do something for the RBL and Forces entertainment.

    Just going to put my flame proof suite on.


    A Miserable git, hoping they bring the old format back.

  2. No need for a flameproof suit I reckon. The old format was probably too British for Auntie Beeb, not 'inclusive' enough. I always thought the uniforms made everyone included, so where was the problem?


    Another miserable old git ... :oops:

    edited for 1. Mongspell: and 2. before I get flamed - I'm not knocking all the civilian dead we honour at the same time!!
  3. Hew edwards has always gripped my sh1t anyway.

    BAHHHHHH humbug, bring back the old format, change for change's sake.

    Although humbling to see Harry Patch there.
  4. I know im gonna get flamed but i couldnt bring myself to watch this year and it saddens me too say it but i place the blame firmly on the BeeB's doorstep with their " we dont want to upset the fuzzy wuzzies" attitude. (sorry if that offends but its just the way i feel. This is a REMEMBRANCE service for gods sake not a bloody hand wringing exercise, THE GLORIOUS DEAD i believe we go out to pay our respects too not some guardian reading tosser from the BBC. Lets make it bloody un-pc but let us pay our respects and feckin well stuff the rest of the worldand wha they may think.
  5. I'm just watching Katherine Jenkins now, I'm sure it would cheer old Harry up if she got her puppies out :D - Sorry to be irreverant but I think he deserves a treat.

    Perhaps we should petition the BBC to go back to the old format before we end up with an Iman conducting the service with the Gay Pride marching band.
  6. Must have been living in a vacuum, never seen or heard Ms Jenkins before, fully intend to remedy this in future.
  7. Ian Hislop on channel 4 earlier this evening was for more reverend and thought provoking in a new series on war memorials, anyone else see it?

    Miss jenkins to get her puppies out---seconded!!!
  8. Ian Hislop on channel 4 earlier this evening was for more reverend and thought provoking in a new series on war memorials, anyone else see it?

    Miss jenkins to get her puppies out---seconded!!!
  9. Yes - excellent, the village is not too far from us. I hope it goes well for them tomorrow. It brought a lump to hear how a guy who served to 1917 could end up being shot for being a coward :(
  10. Another old git here...Bring back the old format who the bloody hell are "Blake"? I'm sat here bulling for tomorrow and I nearly spilt my polish...Grr

    Is it me or has Miss Jenkins has put a bit of weight on!
  11. Hislop's programme excellent!

    Re Ms. Jenkins...I can't understand a word she is it in Welsh :twisted:
  12. she was squeezed nicely into that dress, I like them with a bit of meat on :D

    Does anyone else think that Katherine's eyes when she sings a really high note are her 'orgasm eyes' - just a crude question!
  13. I must agree, it used to be required viewing, then the luvvies got their noses in and it became an 'all inclusive' event rather than a service of remembrance.

    Refuse to watch this year as the appalling, forces hating, hypocritical Broon will be there with the poppy that he wears every year and trying to make out that he really feels empathy with the fallen.
  14. One thing I am pleased about is that they're pressing home the welfare issue quite strongly. Lots of stuff about injured soldiers and bereaved families. Good!

    And la Jenkins would definitely get it.
  15. You will be sorry to have missed Gordon McBroon reading the words to the National Anthem off a card while David Cameron actually knew the words!

    Yes - at least they are pushing the good work done on welfare.