Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tiffy_Massive, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Just watched the Tonight with Trevor MacDonald program on ITV about treatment of soldiers returning from Iraq.

    One of the guys on the program - Jason Garrett an ex REME VM used to be the life and soul of his fitter section, but seeing him on TV tonight he looked like a shadow of his former self. Jay was one of a CRRARV crew sent out to recover a Challenger 2 that had thrown both tracks on a patrol into Basra. The recovery crew had to carry out the job under constant small arms and RPG fire. They spent somewhere between 5 and 7 hours in contact trying to get the CR2 out of trouble. Jay was in the comds hatch giving covering fire for the rech mech and tank crew while they tried to sort out the problem.

    It saddens me to see him like that. He was a bloody good man to have close by. I hope he gets back on track soon.

    Best wishes to him and his family.
  2. Totally agree T_M. A bloody good man.

    Get well soon mate.
  3. Painful to see the stock answer from the MoD. Someone up in London must of realised by now that repeatedly coming out with statements that are obviously garbage just won't wash in this day and age.

    I can just imagine it this morning.

    A. Sorry to interrupt your coffee Sir but Tonight With trevor Mcdonald are going to run a programme this evening.

    B. Do you mind, I'm just negotiating my bladdy Knighthood.

    A. As I said Sir, sorry but i think you ought to see this one, could be quite damaging.

    B. Oh blaady hell, what!?

    A. Seems some of our boys aren't getting the care they obviously deserve, you know Sir, the lads we sent to Iraq under false pretences?

    B. Oh them, ermmm, are they still there by jove ?

    A. Well, not these ones Sir, these lads have been injured and returned home.

    B. What is wrong with these lunatics, can't we put them in the military hospitals?

    A. No Sir, we closed them all to save money in order to give our MP's pay rises at 20 times the rate of inflation.

    B. Well that's hardly fair, is it ?

    A. Well Sir, don't you worry because when you retire you will reap the rewards of the pay rises.

    B. Ah good show. Was that all?

    A. Well Sir, not really, you haven't discussed the tonight programme.

    B. Oh yes, that. what do we normally do in these cases?

    A. Well Sir, when we have no real idea of how to address the issue we normally put out a blanket statement saying that everything is fine.

    B. Does it work ?

    A. Seems to Sir, you know the score, todays newspaper is tomorrows chip wrappers.

    B. Chips ? In paper?, you'll be wanting ketchup next you heathen. Right, put a blanket statement out saying everything is fine and lets hope it goes away.

    A. Righto Sir.

    B. Oh and A, don't put my name anywhere near it, I want to appear to be supporting my troops who have been injured in, ermm, where was it again?

    A. Iraq Sir

    B. Yes Iraq. Oh and A

    A. Yes Sir

    B. Have the whining mongrels who appear on it shot.

    A. Very good Sir, trebles all round then !!!
  4. Nice one Tony Blair. Hang your head in shame - AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT
  5. Jay is a serving soldier, and was involved with this programme with the permission of his CofC. To reinforce what Tiffy Massive has written, Jay is one of the bravest men I know, and his MiD for the recovery of C/S 33 was well deserved (at the time, many of us thought he and the smiling welshman would get an MC each); his wife has always been fully supportive of him, and I can only wish them both the best of luck and a speedy recovery. The fact that a man of this calibre (who has been recognised as such many times over) had to go and search out a Civilian psychiatrist to give him the help he so clearly needed after being fobbed off by the MOD, disgusts me. If ever there was an argument for the reinstatement of an effective military medical support organisation this is it.
  6. Sadly it just reinforces what I have believed for years. That is that the morons in the MOD (and all the Ministers) don't give a flying fcuk about any servicemen or women! It makes me so bloody mad!!! Frigging spineless barstewards!!

    Having heard Jay talking about his experiences it is clear that he is suffering from PTSD and needs a great deal of psychiatric help and counselling. Let's hope some well minded benefactor contacts Trevor McDonald and offers to pay for Jay to have his treatment privately.

    Good luck, Jay! I wish you all the best.
  7. Just caught the end of it and it is sickening that those that give all for Queen and Country are treated in this way but sadly this is nothing new. Those coming back from WWI and WWII were left to fend for themselves despite suffering from all sorts of disabilities both physical and pyschological.

    You would like to think that in the modern army in particular, that the levels of care would have progressed but it seems that this is not the case. Particularly the traumas that are now recognized unlike previous conflicts, cannot be properly treated by the NHS as they have no suitably qualified people.

    I do feel that while it shows gross negligence of the powers that be, that is is purely financial and is just calculated on a package cost per individual with after sales service to be fobbed off to the NHS. Something needs to be done, I don't know what but it is a sad reflection of the way the army is managed at higher levels whether it's military or HMG and it's faithless lapdog, the civil service.
  8. I did,nt get to see the program, but I get the jist by talking to lads who have returned. What is happening here is a National disgrace. But with this current govt could you really expect anything diffrent ?. Funds MUST be made available NOW to sort this out. The reopening of a Military hospital would,nt go a miss either. Although I can understand blokes wanting a local hospital to be near family & friends.This must be sorted. I wish Jason Garret a speedy recovery (sounds like a lion of a man) along with all troops returning with injured bodies & minds. A strongly worded letter is on its way to my MP....

  9. The AMS have been saying this for years, the only way that our troops can get the treatment that they require and are entitled to is in a designated Military Hospital, where the staff know the way the forces work and what these individuals have been through.
    MDHUs arent military wings, they are NHS hospitals that happen to have military staff working in them, treating whatever patients are on their wards/depts, mainly civilians.

    Our servicemen shouldnt have to join NHS waiting lists, they have served their Country and have been injured in the line of duty.

    This country wastes far too much money and resources on the undeserving, lets sell off some of the land that the MoD owns but lies unused, get a lottery grant and build an all singing all dancing Military Hospital somewhere in central England, move in all the clinical staff from the MDHUs and treat our soldiers correctly.

    Get a grip Blair, we are off fighting your phoney wars and you are leaving us to rot afterwards.
  10. Well its about time the media got onto this. The media constantly quote the number of killed but never seem to give a figure to the number of wounded.

    The BBC has a webpage to all the servicemen killed in Iraq perhaps they should give the same treatment to the wounded, or am I being cynical, or is that not the agenda they are trying to follow.

    If your killed your remembered for someones political purpose, if your wounded, your forgotten.
  11. Sadly there are those serving who believe that you should stop whinging and do as you are told - that's what you're paid for chum. If you don't like it, get out. Infact there are plenty who post on ARRSE with that mentality. I for one agree with you - we've been feckked over for years, and we will keep on reinventing the wheel until a BAFF is established and gets fair treatment for our servicemen and women.

    I for one know of several soldiers who were under hostile fire almost every day, within the lethal range of 105mm arty rounds, snipers and RPGs (Sarajevo 95). All they got when they came back was the message - ''Sorry, but your going back again in six months with IFOR''. I had personal experience of one guy who came back and was sent back withing 2 months. I had to take his weapon and his rounds from him, as he couldn't cope.

    The only reason was that we (like most other units) didn't have enough manpower or equipment.
  12. I think the media are onto it. The astute viewer will keep an eye open for similar programmes coming soon, on another channel.

    Since getting rid of all Service psychiatric inpatient facilities, MoD contracted the Priory chain of clinics to provide all the care. Priory is, of course, the company owned by the fellow Bliar wanted to give a peerage to - you know, the one who'd made a huge donation to New Labour, and who then lent them £1.5m. What hope of getting a military facility back?
  13. Just follow the money, then... What a sad state of affairs; thank god we're not in a full shooting war, the AMS system would disintegrate. It can't cope with the present influx of casualties, so pray you don't get hurt...

    Edited to add: This isn't a dig at the medics, who try their best with the paltry assets at their disposal. The blame lies in the destruction of the old Military hospitals and the support framework that went with them.
  14. I imagine you'll work it out!

    To go on national TV and admit you're FCUKed and your whole life is cabbaged takes a lot! The strain on wife and children not to mention family and friends is a burdon not to be wished on anyone. The decision was one of 'oh well FCUK em it may just may change things or open the eyes of others to aid in the future'!!!

    True approach was made and permission granted. All information was from articles previously published.

    Trust me when I confidently say it FCUK's your head like you cannot imagine!!!!!

    Paranoia of what is thought of you is also a real fear.

    As for comments form the likes of Tiffymassive and others it means a lot............

    With hope and HELP might be out breaking armour sooner rather than later.

    Fowler is God and I pray to him!