Tonight we Die as Men - Book in UK

Discussion in 'US' started by jack-daniels, May 11, 2009.

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  1. Sounds good but i dont agree about this..: “I’m very proud of the red beret but everything that could be written about the British paras has been written.”

    Ive a ton of unpublished stuff on the 11th Battalion at Arnhem, which ive meant to write up, as a follow up to my book on the Staffords
  2. Seconded - especially given it's the 65th Anniversary of Op. Market Garden. 8)
  3. Interesting, I'm sure you'd have no problem getting it published. What's the title of your book on the Staffords?
  4. Well, at least here, it isnt easy to get references on the Paras in WWII. I had 2 books that were good, one on 6th Airborne & the Other was Para! – Fifty Years Of The Parachute Regiment by Peter Harclerode. Years ago I used to Collect More Militaria then today. I was quite proud of having a Denison and Para Helmet from 1st Airborne Div. along with an Austerity pattern BD Jacket all belonging to the same man.

    Really the Forgotton US Airborne Units are those which fought in the Pacific. At Noemfoor Island, the 503rd PIR jumped at 175' from transports going too fast and some of the trees were at 125' 40% Casualties on the DZ were the result.

    At Corregidor, the 503rd Jumped into the Rock under heavy Japanese fire
  5. I believe a guy in New Orleans is/was writing about that, his dad fought at Driel with the Poles, but he is writing another book on the Paras in the Pacific