Tonight, Matthew, I am mostly drinking this..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Santa_Sunday, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. Tetleys Tea

    With my feet up in front of the fire watching Zulu (in widescreen with surround sound, how technology improves things :lol: )
  2. No surprise there then. After all, the day does end in a "y"
  3. Do you think it makes me hard though...??
  4. a pint of urine laced with the vomit of a wino ... isnt everyone?
  5. Me? This evening's mission is to consume the contents of this:


    with just a dash of coke for decoration. :D:D

    But I'm warming up with a few cans of Aunty's favourite......

  6. Tonight CAT (she's fitter) I'm drinking


    And Also some of this


    And who knows what later :D
  7. Myers , a drink for girls.

    Try Appleton Overproof. You think Rastafarians occur naturally?

    Farwerd Santa mi bredren
  8. Capt Morgan Spiced. Class ! Tastes like pencil shavings. yummy

    Tonight I shall mostly be drinking Tesco Semi Skimmed Milk and munching on a Finest Shortcake biccy

  9. What about this..??


    or this..??


    any better..??
  10. started on Badger Beer ' golden glory'

    then we have woods rum and mount gaye. after that there is port.
  11. Pussers is proper Dark Rum , lovely and mellow and does the business.

    Had an ex-Girlfriend who wanted to fight the world and then fcuk it after a couple of glasses...

    Mount Gay , now there's a lovely drop of fermented sugar cane.
  12. Still got her number? :D

    Anyone else get me the number of a wine merchant? :D:D:D:D

  13. Ringnes Beer and akavit


    p.s if you dont know what akavit is then slivovitz (spelling) comes a close second.
  14. Enjoyuing some scrumpy and the odd glas of vodka.