Tonight I Didn't Cook ...

Yeah - bloody hospital food - bloody awful.


I'm not really allowed to eat most of it, but the bits I can eat are super nice.

And there's cake for pudding, but I'm not posting a photo of it because you'll all get jealous.
I had a day operation on Wednesday and had two packs of biccies, a Madeira cake bar, corned beef sandwich and two cuppers .
I thought they did a grand job all in all and was chuffed with what they made me eat. Really makes me appreciate the NHS.
Went to a cheese and gin evening, and spent a enjoyable time with the missus and a group of milfs spending most of the night admiring their assets whilst getting slowly sploshed

Lots of Welsh cheese, and locally made gins
It may be the camera angle but the fish looks small compared to the chips. Hope you are getting enough food.
Of course I am, and my diet is supplemented by Maoam Pinballs, Fox's Bisquits, Rowntree's Fruit Gums, and Swizzles lollipops.

I'm not going to starve.


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Yeah - bloody hospital food - bloody awful.

I'm not really allowed to eat most of it, but the bits I can eat are super nice.


Salad is well good for you.

Please could you stick the ham, egg and potato in a jiffy bag and post it to me. Cheers x
Hurray! It's Sunday again!

Sorry you are hospitalised, and subjected to...that.
You are sure that's not it having been consumed, then promptly "up chucked"?
Are you sure you're not just posting something for the sake of posting?

What's wrong with it? There's roast potatoes, a Yorkshire pudding, some cabbage, a decent amount of beef and some gravy. It tasted alright, considering it's mass produced, and I didn't have to queue up for it or pay at the end. It's a hospital. not a hotel. Medical - not Marriott.

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