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Tonight I Didn't Cook ...

A nice crab sandwich on Multigrain bread for lunch today. M&S had some reduced white crab meat, so I combined it with a pot of salmon mousse. Lovely.
Lidl do quite a few chill cook meals, I'm not usually a fan of ready meals, but they do a Lamb Rogan Josh with rice for £2.69.

It's nicely spiced, and really rich, sour tomato flavoured, just scoffed one now with a side of a few crunchy chips, excellent value.

They do a prawn version as well, avoid.

If they're near the sell by date, they're a third cheaper, so worth hoovering up and freezing.......


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My wife was sent some instant noodles by a friend. They were too hot for her to eat and she is Thai.



They are made in Malaysia. I had just one noodle and at first it was tasty, then the pain began . . .


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This is not one of my efforts but I immediately thought of Arrsers;
specs bread.jpg


I've got some ghost chilli sausages, not really sure yet as to how to have them. There's ten in a pack.
Give them to Wor Lass to try first.
Pizza delivery ...

Gout Man

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The wife made these little tasty morsels this afternoon.
She was in the pantry looking for something, couldn’t find it but came across a jar of mincemeat we had left over from Christmas.
This is a shortbread mix on a sheet of baking parchment pressed down to form a base then mincemeat then more of your shortbread mix on top. It will work with any filling, thinly sliced cooking apples with cinnamon would be nice. Having this next Christmas makes a nice change from traditional pies.
In fact why wait till Christmas?


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Dinner for two this evening.

Fish cakes, lamb skewers starters
Slow cooked beef, lamb tagine mains. Couscous and Dauphinoise potatoes for sides.
Brownie, cheesecake desserts, clotted cream.
£25 per head.
Delivered to our door this afternoon. Looks like @Ravers may have competition!
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