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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Jorrocks, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    seared steak and philli cheese toasted sandwich - delicious!
  2. Spicy meatballs in an arrabiata sauce and linguine :D
  3. Egg burgee with some cod in. Used red chillies instead of the normal green ones, both for colour and because I love those little Thai ones.
  4. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Last night - I cooked Yorkies to go with Ma-in-law's post-easter roast beef dinner

    Used this method

    Bl##dy lovely - highly recommended by all consumers at the table - not least my 3 lads
  5. filet steak, onions and mushrooms with a side salad
  6. Very good Mr Deputy, I´m loving the simplicity.

    The other day, I had a bit of success with loin of pork roasted with garlic and rosemary and served with caramelised apples and a cider sauce. An old Delia favourite but easy to do. Will be added to the "old dependables" menu in the Jorrocks household.
  7. sainsburys lamb burgers and mint yoghurt in homemade bread
  8. I went paupertastic with some gems from the Reduced shelf :

    2 Sainsbury's TTD Mustard Beef Burgers

    1 Sainsbury's Med. Veg. Pasta Sauce

    1 Red Onion

    3 Handfulls of Frozen Peas


    Chop up red onions and fry on high heat in a pot with a bit of oil

    Crumble bits of beef burger into it, stirring continuously

    Add Pasta Sauce


    I was going to chuck in a bit of Knorr powdered chicken stock but went for some Mustard Seasoning instead (meant for mashed potatoes)

    Add chopped fresh chillis / chilli flakes to taste.

    Add Peas

    Goes very well with pasta but I got drunk later on in the night and decided to add big fat gobs of Chinese Chilli flakes in oil (without the oil) and some Chinthe (Chindit) Burmese Mango Chutney.

    The Burmese Mango Chutney is intensely spiced (with lots of the fragrant spices in it too) and is salty rather than sweet. A couple of spoonfuls totally transformed the concoction from a pasta bolognesey type thing into a fiery Oriental/Mexican fusion Beef Chilli. Its a cracker. Am now eating it with rice and freshly chopped coriander.

  9. By-Gum you have hit on a winner.

    Instant Mash Potatoes is vastly underrated. the French go mad for it. There are shelves of different styles, 'old style, or ancienne and many other ways . they are good at scoff.

    Spam or Corned beef would make an interesting change.

    By the way, on Tomato sauce, in Tesco at the Polish shelf they have Polish tomato sauce which is much 'twangier', 'Pudliszkie Ketchup pikantny'.
  10. Reggae Reggae Ribs

    Shown this by a Chef so I can't take the credit, absolutely banging ribs - the best ever

    Ribs - a Packet or two from Tescos
    Reggae Reggae sauce
    Squeezy bottle of BBQ Sauce

    Put the ribs in a large boiling vessel or big wok (as I do), add the Reggae Reggae sauce and top up with water.
    Bring to the boil and simmer for about 90 mins (ish) stir occasionally
    Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 5
    Place ribs on a deep baking tray or roasting tin cover in the sauce from above then coat in BBQ sauce
    Turn over after 30 minutes and coat again with the BBQ sauce
    Leave for another 30 minutes and serve with what ever you want - chips, rice, salad other BBQ stuff

    Timings and temperature may vary so keep an eye on it

    The end product is absolutely lovely - spicy BBQ ribs with a bit of an afterbite
  11. Wifey last night made Burito Pie as she calls it .

    Best way to describe ,Its like a lasagne but with tortilla bread instead of pasta layers and a bit spicier

    it was fecking lush and i made a pig of myself

    she also makes breakfast buritos Burrito - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which are also immense

    I was thin once and young...............................
  12. Poor Man's Kedgeree

    Boil a handful of rice, add frozen peas and sweetcorn at last minute, drain into seive. Fry up a chopped onion with s&p, a pinch of turmeric and cumin powder, add garlic and a knob of butter. Mix in a tin of tuna. Add back the rice, peas and sweetcorn and stir well with more butter. Serve.
  13. New invention of mine - Pasta al Jorrocks:

    Serves 2

    250g fresh langustines or large prawns
    One tomato
    One small onion
    A little white wine
    Table spoon creme fresh

    Peel the langustines (keep the heads to one side, the flesh to another and discard the rest).
    Put the heads in a pan with a little olive oil. Squash them a bit with a wood spoon to get all the juice out.
    Add a small glass of white wine, reduce for about three mins.
    Add a glass of water, reduce for another five mins.
    Meanwhile, skin the tomate and chop finely, chop the onion finely, sweat them both in some olive oil.
    Add the langustine flesh to the toms/onion.
    Drain the sause from the heads into the toms/onion/Langustine
    Add a table spoon of creme fresh
    Add some chopped fresh parsley.
    Serve on tagliatelli (or pasta of your choice)

    Whole thing tastes delicious and takes about 20 mins.
  14. Variation on a theme.

    Fry up some chicken bits and an chopped onion

    Add 1/2 litre of chicken stock (oxo or the like)

    Add some tomato paste (1Tbsp seems about right) and stir in well.

    Put in an oven proof dish

    Top with a nice thick layer of made up instant mashed spuds.

    Stick in oven or under grill for 10 mins or so.

    Serve with green veggies.

    For those who don't like fish/aren't catholic :)
  15. Not last night, but every now and then I make Francesinha:

    Fry a nice bit of steak and some chipolatas in some olive oil, sometimes cooking chorizo too. While that’s going, get 300ml of milk in a pan, two tablespoons of cornflower and whisk up while heating through. Then add, a bottle of Super Bock lager, a large glass of Port, a few tablespoons of tomato puree, some dried red chilli flakes, a bay leaf and keep stirring and heat through. Also, have some French fries going in the oven.

    When the steak, chipolatas and chorizo are ready, slice some thick white bread, and toast it. When its toasted, take one of the slices, top with a slice of Edam, the steak, some cooked ham, the chipolatas sliced down the middle, same with the chorizo, some more ham and cheese, then add the other slice of bread. Top that with arranging some Edam on the top so it hangs over the sides of the sandwich. Grill that for a bit and then serve on a plate with French fries and the beer sauce all over the sandwich, a bit on the fries. Absolutely amazing.