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Roast pork with garlic, boiled new potatoes with sweetcorn n gravy. Followed by a big dollop of ice cream n jelly. Mmmmmmmm
Home made sheftalias, dolmades, and kleftico, with roasted veggies. If you have been to Cyprus, you know what they are. Fkukin luurrvely.:-D

Sunday - pig out day!!!!!:winkrazz:

We had that last night with home made onion rings, garlic mushrooms and chips. No deep fat fryer though, so had to have Harry Ramsden's oven chips. They're shit. Top marks to the chef though - he has finally understood the concept of "almost moo'ing", when he asks me how I want my steak.
Pepperoni pizza. I also had carte d'or raspberry ice-cream followed by a big ol' Toblerone!


Today I didn't have an Omlette. I'm going to cook some oven chips in a minute and have peanut butter and overn chips sarnies.
Last night I made a Chicken chow mein with peppers etc but in a sweet chilli and garlic sauce. I like this cooking malarky, but I don't like the cleaning up.

Any tips on getting that lazy bitch off her ass and into the kitchen.
Porotos a la chilena.
Porotos are beans in Chile and this is authentic and quite nice actually, especially in winter.
Gently fry up leek and onion, adding garlic and pepper as you go. When golden add a little water paprika, tumeric, chili (not too much).
As it simmers and takes hold of the flavour add a bit of grated tomato, - just a bit mind - and more water. Bring to the boil and then simmer for a while.
Then bring back to boil, add pre-cooked kidney beans or similar type plus spaghetti broken into small pieces of about an inch or between 2-3cms. Cook until done, adding more boiling water as necessary. You don't however want a stew, the water should be largely absorbed.

Good luck.


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Pistachio Pork, new spuds and steamed veggys, pain in the arrse shelling all the F@cking nuts though, then spiking them into the pork shoulder
As belly pork was on offer, we had slow roasted belly pork that was cured in thyme, star anise, cloves, salt and sugar. Slow cooked in stock, reserved and set to cool. Portioned, placed in a pan skin side down until crispy then in the oven for 12 mins.Meanwhile, I made a potato, parsnip & parmesan mash with brocolli, carrots. Finished with black pudding crumbled into broad beans and peas with a gravy/jus.

Thanks Mysteron. Just by chance the Memsahib bought a pork belly today for Sunday lunch - your recipe sounds a beaut!
Well, re-heated, but my mams Meat and potatoe pie!

Slow cooked shin beef, big chunks of spud, onion and carrot, rich gravy and topped off with a pastry crust 2 inches thick!

Beet root an the side, dollop of brown sauce and a few bottles of 'Newky brown'.............. Feckin heaven!
Po ta toes!
Lunch yesterday actually. Fish pie with fresh halibut, prawns and mussels, with a rosti topping - a fiddly but nice way to do potatoes. Yum yum, big brownie points from wife and her yoga mates.

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