Tonight I cooked..........

That looks awesome. Recipe on internet shows lots of ingredients I have never even heard of. Is S. Korea worth a visit for the cuisine?
I worked there for a while. The country itself is well worth a visit & the scoff brilliant :)

The Korean War Memorial (their equivalent of The Cenotaph & IWM roiled into one) in Seoul fascinating. Bits relating to my first Regiment there, as well as a lot about Korea as a very warry nation.

Edit to add:

All of ingredients used in mine readily available in supermarkets in UK. There’s a good online grocery for all the rate stuff, although not used it yet.
Pork loin medallions, mash, kale and mushrooms with mustard gravy. I was originally planning on a four quadrant serving style but then realised I couldn't be bothered and chucked the kale in the same pan as the mushrooms.

Any complaints about thickness of gravy can be stuck up your arse (yes, those are fork marks on top of the chunks of piggy). Slight miscalculation about volume of water needed when adding a big teaspoon of mustard there.

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Gravy solid enough to bear fork marks. Surely we have reached peak Brown.
Put my back out after inserting a hedgehog backwards, (@Ortholith did it and ran away), so chicken in a sweet pepper sauce resurrected from the freezer.



That's not even my worst gravy mishap, this one was much more disturbing to look at. It turned out somewhere between a gravy and a jelly.

It's no wonder the Brownometer is kaput.
Not tonight, but recently. Boervors, Mediterranean vegetables, a bread roll from the German Bakery, English mustard and Australian wine. Simple but sound.



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KFC style Cauliflower and oystermushrooms with potato wedges and garlic sauce. Was lovely but a bit less cumin in the marinade next time

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