Tonight I cooked..........

When in doubt, and a decent cut is on sale...
Roast beef, with Yorkshire pudding, and broccoli. View attachment 553086
Turned our pretty imo, my old Scots Aunt would have approved.
Impressed with the yorkie. Yellow fat on the meat might mean you're eating horse. No problem with that but it might be a mislabelling issue.
Tonight's efforts


Crab ravioli, nut butter sauce

Pan fried sea bass, griddled courgette, roasted new potatoes, herb butter sauce

Baked cinnamon pears, rice pudding
A bit of a mish mash for breakfast this morning, using up a few veggies. Very tasty.


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Fish Friday - pan fried scallops with chipotle sauce:


Clam, king prawn and mussel risotto:


Balance of the shellfish as a snack the day after:



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Truly lovely, but for me, gout on a plate. I have an occasional seafood stick.
You'll have no worries with a seafood stick, they're the turkey twizzler of the seas
Lemon spud recipe please. They look fantastic!
Waxy potatoes, I used Charlotte's,
a clove of garlic sliced
juice of two lemons
good slug of olive oil
a couple of bay leaves and good sprinkle of oregano
salt and pepper to taste.

In the oven for an hour at 180° uncovered. If you are just cooking the potatoes add a half glass of white wine then another half an hour or so.

If cooking with lamb chops, after an hour add the half a glass of white wine, the chops on top of the potatoes that have been turned and a squeeze of another half a lemon and salt and pepper on the chops. Cover with foil and back in the oven for half an hour* After that turn the lamb, back in the oven for another half an hour uncovered, turning the chops half way through.

*Edited to add that first half an hour for the chops
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