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Tonight I cooked..........

Chicken, leek and cheese pie. Good winter food while the rain pours outside.
Chicken shawarma


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Toad in the hole, a study in brown. No need for the spuds I cooked to go with it though, it fills more than half the bloody plate!



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How do you roll it without it shattering into a million pieces?
It was still warmish and pliable when rolled, only allowed 10 mins to cool.

Invert it onto greaseproof paper, add cream and strawbs, pray, use the greaseproof paper to roll it tight, wrap in greaseproof and refrigerate.

Deliver to SWMBO....



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I agree, photogenic it ain't, but it did taste good....

I gave you an excellent.

I love the juxtaposition of those perfect, plain bowls against the rings of the induction hob. Its almost an olympics circles type pattern. Your noodle soup looks like a low res picture of the surface of the moon but... it's a better effort than I could have made said it tastes good so...thats a winner.
This thread is all about our creations - no matter how good or shite they may be.
There is no shite on here....

Unless some tw@t next to a big lake in the colony forgets about "The rules" regarding pennied carrots and stacking.
Nice output mate :)

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