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Tonight I cooked..........

On a Staycation with a couple of the Grandkids in North Devon this week, so not much home cooking (or Arrse posting) going on! First self cooked Breakfast for a few days - Poached Eggs on Toast with roast tomatoes and pancetta. Lovely start to the day.
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Make a deep bed of onions, celery and garlic in a large shallow roasting pan. Place meat on 'veg. Add stock until all 'veg is covered.

Roast meat to your preference but rotate the roasting pan a quarter turn each 15 - 20 mins. Keep topping up the stock levels throughout.

When cooked to your preference remove roasting tray from oven, remove meat. Empty liquid and 'veg into a large container, scrape out all bits from the pan. Give the pan to the dogs to lick clean.

Blitz up the veg and liquid with a stick blender until all is smooth. Pass through a sieve, push all solods through with a spoon. Give spoon and sieve and contents to the dogs.

Reduce the retained liquid until arriving at the desired thickness, taste, add salt as required. If too salty add more unreduced stock. If cooking beef add anchovy paste in lieu of salt.

Never use any type of starch as a thickening agent.
Agree all the way until no starches. Adding a basic roux is standard, cooking out the butter gives colour as well.

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