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Tonight I cooked..........


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Spaghetti Bolonese tonight; glass of vino.

I have just five letters to highlight my utter contempt.


With the exception of quacks who have to hose blood and guts off them only ever worn by le minceurs.

Crocs are uber het. Not my problem if you squealing touchers of bottom don't have the strength of character to wear them.


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You could still buy dripping in Waitrose though I've not looked for it for a while.
There was some for sale in Yeovil Morrisons last Friday.


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Only rich people buy in Waitrose. Funny, that.
With respect sir, that is prejudiced rubbish. Rich people may shop in Waitrose, they also shop in Lidl (we regularly saw our MP Oliver The Badtard Letwin in Lidl). Poor people also shop in Waitrose because their economy range is good value and they often have very good special offers, such as a fresh Christmas Turkey for £5. Timing is everything.

Set aside the propaganda and give it a try. You will also find plenty of pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable, well-trained staff, unusual in Co-OP, Tesco or even Sainsbugs these days.
My local Co-op is much more expensive than Waitrose.

My local Co-Op in W.Yorkshire is more expensive than the Waitrose in West Byfleet, Surrey where I used to live.

In general most things up here (apart from houses and fixed price stuff like newspapers) seem to be more expensive.

I was surprised by this.


Book Reviewer
Next time you’re there could you do me a favour and nip next door and stick two fingers up to the Westland factory?
Mr. GRB does that every time he is in Yeovil.

Even though his son is paid to attend there. (No-one works there, I am informed. )
Good looking scoff, nicely presented but I think I spot a cutlery error there. Fork and spoon with spaghetti surely?
À chacun son goût, the current mrs_mush eats spaghetti with a knife and fork. Calls me a food snob when I use a fork and spoon. I never argue with a woman holding a knife.
Good looking scoff, nicely presented but I think I spot a cutlery error there. Fork and spoon with spaghetti surely?

It wasn’t an error per se, nor a case of ignorance, it was quite deliberate, as I prefer to eat it with a knife and fork. I’m well aware that in a decent Italian restaurant, the pasta will come with a spoon, but I find that much harder work than using a knife.

Fvck it, I’ll do twists next time :)

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