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Tonight I cooked..........

I think I may have cracked Yorkshire Puds

With some beef and other stuff that I couldn't finish.

Thank you arrseratti for the perfick recipe...



Chicken curry & rice.

Sausages, mash, mushies and kale. I might have overestimated how much kale was necessary but it was all eaten.



Roast belly pork, boiled baby spuds in butter, mixed veg and gravy.

Eggs and soldiers
What do you think they do with the removed organs and amputated bits?

(I was going to overstep the boundary of taste for a minute here but the little angel on my shoulder stopped me.)

From the last few weeks:

Pan fried Shanghai Porc chops

Vietnamese Dumplings....ish

Looks bland, but very tasty and a great dipping sauce
Katsu Pork and vietnamese dumplings.jpg
Miignons de Porc a l'ail and Les Halles chips from Anthony Bourdains book

Home made confite of garlic spread on Pork tenderloin, with bacon layers on, tied, seared, roasted and then a good strong lamb demi-glace and garlic sauce.
very pleased with the result

Mignons de Porc.jpg
To save money when wild camping, I made my own boil in the bag meals using a sous vida kit.

Bacon and beans
and home made very hot chilli

Worked very well, tasted way better and was way cheaper than the £5 per small serving bags you get in camping shops.

Tom Kerridge book Mousakka.
I use his books or similar low carb recipes Monday to Wednesday as I can't do Anthony Bourdain style meals all week and live long.

Tom Kerridge recipes are very tasty healthy meals, really recomended.
Best Mousakka I have had, surprisingly spicy hot.

Mushroom Rissoto and King Oyster Mushrooms.

I am pretty pleased with my Risotto's now, having made a heck of a lot and used Gino d'Campo books, I feel that I have almost nailed them so this was my own recipe using wild mushrooms.

The King Oyster mushrooms are in Tesco's at the moment and if made using :

They come out just like scallops...better in my opinion.
Rissoto and king Oyster.jpg
6 hr slow roast pork
I changed the brocolli recipe (way less lemon).

Crackling was ok, but not as good as the first time. Pork was really good though, tender and moist. Used leftovers for a chinese the next day.

Slow Roast 2.jpg
Green Thai monkfish and king prawn curry:


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