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Tonight I cooked..........

I have decided...on a whim...I'm going to grab the local Indian takeaway menu and pick a main off there and recreate it using "The curry secret" book I have. A few others on here have that also now I think.

British Indian Restaurant "style" cooking - as opposed to authentic Indian.
I actually prefer BIR tbh.
You can chalk it up as a sequinned, shit stained dildo. Still doesn't alter the fact you're jealous of my het Crocs and crusty, shattered toenails which are a result of bimbling around the kangene barefoot.

Your little pink ballet slippers will never be able to match the hetness of Crocs.

A further offence has now ben disclosed.

This shit just got serious!
Just wondering if I should get my effort in now
The seed that sowed this very thread was quite explicit in its detail.

Bottom of the range frankfurters and the contents of a spicy beef pot noodle, it was bloody lovely. My wife is Spanish and doesn´t know what a pot noodle is - I hid the evidence. She liked it too, so now I´m the hero of the moment. Anyone like to share their current successes?

We must be told!
Sadly even after 18 years of married life, I’ve failed to educate her in the culinary art. When I get home from a business trip, I still find the cupboard stuffed with the crap she bought like instant smash powder, tinned veg etc. and she reverts to making tea in the microwave. As for pot noodles, she doesn’t give a fúck as long as it’s warm and filling.


War Hero
Linguine thingie tonight. Sauce made with an onion, garlic, tomatoes, a small sweet pepper and some sliced courgette. Also added a tbsp of tomato puree and a tsp of sugar. All topped with some sliced chorizo. After the photo, the whole lot was smothered with dried grated cheese.



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Hearty camping breakfast before heading home, hoping that the new kitchen is finished!


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All I see is sugar. Where's the steak, eggs, sausages, bacon, kidneys, kedgeree?

Beat me to it except I was going to add mushrooms, beans, toast and tea.

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