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Tonight I cooked..........


Now then, need a bit of collective wisdom.
Muggins here has a slow cooker that we use fairly regularly. Getd put away after it gets scrubbed clean and all that mullarkey. Twice of late it developed a blue mould inside the ceramic pot after storage. Twice scrubbed to buggery as a result. Today, after being stored in clean dry mould.
Any idea why this is and would a bleach wash help ?
Chuck it out and buy a new one, I saw one in Tesco the other week for £13.

We did a freezer inventory on Sunday and had a bit of a sort out. Thus we had roast pork on Tuesday, and this is the remnants, braised in the gravy with carrots and onions, with a baked potato and butter.


You're slipping, got mine for a tenner.........had it a couple of months, bloody good value, works well, with 3 heat settings.
Mine was from a skip.
I said I saw one for £13 in Tesco, I didn't buy it.
Cream of roast chicken soup
Or trapped in the seal and/or lid handle. Or possibly in the cupboard where it is kept.
If the mould is growing on the ceramic pot then I'd have thought it was unlikely to come from the lid. Likewise if the pot is being stored with the lid on then it's unlikely the pot is being contaminated from the air in the cupboard.

An experiment is called for - scrub and dry pot, store with lid off in open air. If no mould then repeat with lid on. If no mould then in cupboard with lid off. If no mould then in cupboard with lid on right way up etc.

Or just follow Kirkz's suggestion and buy a new non-mouldy one.


Cooked last night and reheated for tonight and served with pasta, shin beef stew.
Good day gardening between rain storms & an evening online meeting meant something quick needed:


Also experimenting with sprouting fenugreek seeds:


Should be interesting in a stir-fry. Like beansprouts, but with a mild curry aroma.
Pasta Arrabiata, mit extra chilli


SWMBO squeaked at the chilli levels and declined, so I went whole hog and added another.

Sinuses clearing nicely...

Steak pie, veg, onion gravy


Book Reviewer
I have a fear of keeping cooked rice to use the next day, believing that it harbours some kind of dread food poisoning, am I mistaken ?

I would not be at all happy about cooking it for a second time.

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