Tonight I cooked..........

Breakfast today. Always loved Strammer Max since having it for breakfast after a heavy night out in Amsterdam back in 1975.
Finished off with some of our first batch of strawberries from the greenhouse.
Thankyou, yes it is. You need to come and cast your eye over the new arrivals !
Funny enough, we’ve just driven past your gaff on the way back from Wilton Garden Centre - the missus wanted to know where you live!
Hopefully, when this madness is over, I’ll bring her, the grandchildren and the dog along!
Beef Stroganoff.
Pork & fennel seed meatballs braised with fennel, peas & dill on spaghetti. So fresh-tasting I didn’t even bother with black pepper or parmesan:


Rough tomato tart


Rack of lamb, celeriac puree, roast shallot, roast beetroot, green beans, jus

Some cheese

Raspberry souffle
Lamb shanks braised in cinnamon and cardamon flavoured stock (which was considerably reduced down after cooking) with saffron rice - nice change from the usual Sunday lunch View attachment 478134
Looks fantastic, went shopping today and saw a great rack of lamb chops, I was dreaming of buying , cooking and eating them tomorrow.

Then Mrs OB saw me and gave the evil eye, so no go.

When she was a very young girl she had a pet lamb.

One Sunday the family had a roast. She asked what it was, her dad said , oh it was Lammy ( no idea what the actual lamb was called). She was , as you expect very upset , her dad said, “Don’t worry , it committed suicide and we do not want to waste the meat.” As you would.

Since then , for some reason she does not eat lamb. Bit of a bugger as I love it.
What's L'aperitif ?

Looks like long strips of pork scratching, or is that just my fevered imagination....

L'aperitif was a dry sherry for the current mrs_mush, and a glass of LBV port for me. Yes, the snacks were pork scratchings and some hoisin sauce

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