Tonight I cooked..........

Here they are. With some Gooseberry Jam I made yesterday.

Tasted nice, but came up a little crustier than I expected. My s-i-l in Irvine says there are regional variations though.

We enjoyed them for breakfast. Thank you for the recipe. View attachment 479604View attachment 479605
Try brushing the rolls with melted butter or milk after baking. Should stop a crisp crust forming


If I get bacon at the supermarket, I select the cheap offcuts. It tastes much better than the other crap they have on offer, the taste reminds me of times that have long since gone.

Nowt wrong with it at all.

Sometimes you have to have a good root though......the best are lots of orange/ pink with very few white lines.

You end up with the chunky corners........ the packets with lots of white lines are the crap.

I buy the odd pack from Lidl, and process it into sarnies, carbonaras, soup etc, then freeze it.


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Pork chop with bubble and squeak, sweetcorn and garden carrot/mangetout combo.
No need...He'll have been dispatched by then. He's just signed his own warrant.

This is one hell of a mid-life crisis our esteemed friend is undertaking.

His excuse (and that's what it is) is akin to "Sorry officer...the cocaine must have been mixed in with that bag of opium and pot noodle meat I had up my arse".

This is a black cap job I'm afraid.
Resurrection of hanging judge jeffereys for that definitive guilty sentence


On Wednesday I made some chicken, onion and pepper kebabs.
Nothing special, but one of the first meals I’ve made from scratch since recovering from Corona virus so a bit of a milestone :)



Rib eye steak with salad, battered mushrooms, bacon onion rings, chipotle potato salad, fried onions and mushrooms.


What the feck are you doing?
Hast du keine wuurde?!



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What a fantastic plate of food.
Thank you. The bubble and squeak was particularly nice as the leftover cabbage had been curried (sounds grim, but was lovely).


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Nice trim on the chop fat. I was taught to do that years ago when bacon came with a rind, to stop it curling. For preference I prefer some burnt crispy bits on the B+S and a bit of greenery, but good presentation.
The butcher does that without even being asked. I love it.
Quite the opposite. Lose the fried stuff and the potato salad, and leave the steak close to raw for me. Rare steak and green salad is food of the gods.

I think it saved my life once. Picked up some fungal lurgi in the DRC that settled in my lungs. Ended up coughing bits of lung and blood. Had to go on a diet that had no sugar, no carbs, no fungus or yeast, no processed food, no dairy (except butter - as much as I liked), no fruit, no rice or bread, no carrots (sugar). Looking at the menu, I was stuck with steak, chops and salads. Lived like a king for three months, completely killed the thing and lost weight. Win-win.
Tomato soup for lunch today ... excuse the funny camera angle - there were splashes of soup all over the inside of the bowl on the side you can’t see ... hopeless !

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