Tonight I cooked..........


Anyway, back to the Vaguely Brown Mess theme. Mash, mushies and beans with a cream peppercorn sauce (courtesy of Lidl). This time it looked more like cat vomit than dog vomit Kirkz.

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Made a change from gravy but I'm not sold on the idea, it's more beige than brown.
That has a look of the morning after a night on Theakstons old peculiar.


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I'll go to the meat counter in the turkish shop tomorrow - that would be nice for Sunday lunch :)
If you get into town, try Tony's, the butcher shop on the Broadway, I picked up 4 double thick Barnsley chops for 6 quid the other week.


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I think he said Mrs. Ravers is learning to cook.
I tried teaching SWMBO to cook and then realised that her eyes glazed over at the mention of ingredients, seasoning, measurements etc so gave up. This weekend should be fun though, I'm teaching her to make bread, she can take out all of her pent up frustration at not leaving the house for the past 2 weeks on kneading the dough.
Have had a craving for mango chutney. None in local stores - WTF panic-buys mango chutney? Anyway, bought some ‘ripe’ mangoes and got Jamie Oliver’s recipe up on the iPad. Nigella seeds ... what ... what are Nigella seeds? I sent her a message but apparently she’s now of an age where she’s no longer producing them. Eventually found them in a local organic shop under their alternative (incorrect) name of ‘black onion seeds’. First mango was ripe, second could have been dropped from a Lanc to take out a German dam. Anyway, followed recipe with suitable WW modifications. Smells nice whilst simmering, so halfway through I dip a sample to taste.

I may have added a tad too much chilli. After ten minutes my lips are still numb. SWMBO will not like it.
Gotta stock up when you can. Them pappadoms won’t dip themselves.
1. chicken soup from scratch:

2. Chicken pie a half (Ocado) and veg from chicken soup:

It is easier to open a tin but the result was exceptional and I will get 5 meals out of it.

@Ravers We used to use 'Hello fresh' - got Sluggy into using them as well with some vouchers we got.
My observations- started off okay and the stuff was good quality but- I couldn't help feeling the quality /quantity of ingredients started tapering off once you were "subscribed" so to speak.

Found it very handy with the 'just enough for the recipe' provided - so you didnt end up with jars of obscure stuff you'd not likely to be using again any time soon.
We use SimplyCook now- get sent just the herbs/spices/sauces and a recipe card.
Try Campbell's concentrated soup if you can get them
Jesus H Christ. “Cooking with soup”.

You are my sister in law and I claim my fiver :)

She is the queen of taking shit from cardboard boxes, tins and packets, dumping it in a baking dish, shoving it in the oven and calling it a meal.
Does it turn out tasting good? If so, I can't see the issue.
No, of course not. It tastes like a bunch of shit from boxes and tins has been thrown together. When we go to visit them, I sit at the dining table politely eating this shite while looking at the BBQ on the deck all forlorn :)
Cooking "Irainian Vegetable stew" courtesy of previously mentioned SimplyCook spice pots.
This one came with Ras El Hanout, Mushroom stock and a tomato sauce.

I required potatoes, butternut squash, an onion. tomatoes, fresh spinach.

Will have it with the lamb biryani I cooked last night as it came out a little dry.

Should be ready in around 15 mins. Just finishing off in the oven.
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I saw a cafe menu for 'Iraqi Style Chicken' on the outside of a local cafe months ago. I wonder what it is like? I would love to think that an Iraqi refugee who fled Saddam and built a life here is the chef.

Anyway - I made some vegetable and chicken soup on Monday - take potato (x2), onion, parsnip, and swede, boil, get rid of half the water, add chicken Oxo (x2), add chicken soup and simmer.

I am making a Shepard's Pie at the moment....
Ayatollah Stew:

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