Tonight I cooked..........


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Lunch today for old friends. Melon and Parma ham, spanakopita, semifreddo with raspberries.
You disgust me. It's an open secret you are preparing your "Twickenham body" for the Army v Navy match - power-loading the pies to enable top girth, yet trying to pull off the "Hennry VIII" look in skintight leggings.

Will become slightly embarrassing when some RN cook, 3 weeks out of training, decks you outside The White Swan.

#Totally unwarranted and unprovoked attack on Joker there.


Aaaand your none standard crockery... so there.
Barman - I'll have pint of what he's had please.


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Lovely grub @Grownup_Rafbrat

I only cook at weekends, occasionally on a Friday
Thank you. I appreciate the compliment from you. Your grub always looks delicious.

Special effort for lovely visitors who hubby has known for many many years.
Good afternoon in their company, well worth the effort.

Evening will be spent slumped, with feet up!
Awning food tonight in the camper

rice , cooked in 2-1 water/rice 8 minutes off the heat cloth under the lid for 15 minutes

lovely big chunks of Portuguese chicken cut up with the scissors until they are gob sized gently fried off for about 12 minutes , with a finely sliced (not diced) onion , then contents of a sachet of Blue Dragon fiery chilli and garlic sauce chucked in

was brilliant...seriously
You Sir seem to be able to supply for yourself very well, congratulations. Only being able to shop in supermarkets I am slightly jealous.
We don't have a shoot on the farm anymore. However our neighbours do, and we let them position guns and pickers up on our ground, and cut reeds etc by the river to help said pickers up. In return they very generously keep us supplied with pheasant and partridge. The deer on the farm are controlled by someone who does it as his hobby, on the basis of half for him half for us, an arrangement that worked for my old man for 20 years, and one that I am more than happy to carry on. Extremely spoilt by the kindness of others.
Turned this lot:


Into the contents of the large bowl:


Crab thoran, from a recent Waitrose food magazine. Good scooped up with the mini-pops, also good wrapped in the bread (should have been chapatis, but shop had sold out) with a smear of lime pickle/mango chutney/chilli & garlic chutney as required.
Curried beans and chickpeas. My nose is running already and I will be farting like a goodun tomorrow.

At least you'll be able conduct a new experiment tomorrow.

'And this, class, is how you set fire to a fart'.
Nah, just drop a silent one while walking around checking their work. Wait at other side of room for someone to smell it, then blame the gobby kid nearby. Works every time :)

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