Tonight I cooked..........

The meal above was cooked on the residual heat/charcoal from the afternoon’s efforts, which were Cevapi for Scooby snacks. I did these in the rotisserie basket.


I made a bit too much of the meat mix (ground lamb, beef, pork), so I experimented with Cevapi Eggs.


To be fair, they were a little dry, and I prefer the Scotch Egg original with just pork sausage. It was an interesting experiment, they took forever to cook for some reason.
I call this an "homage to brown", it's the remains of the S&K&M ( steak, kidney and mushroom) mix I made last week for a pie on a bed of creamy mash potato.

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Show again showing creamy mashed potato
Breaded Plaice, herby oven chips, runner beans, baby corn and little peas. A cheese sauce as graaaaaaaavy isn't appropriate unfortunately. I would have done parsley sauce but it tastes like cat sick.

dinner 1.jpg

dinner 2.jpg

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I recall making scotch eggs with black pudding and sausage some time ago. I remember it being a massive pain in the arse for some reason but results very satisfying.
Sounds very nice.

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It’s Friday, fish, chips and peas.


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Did you make that?
Looks very chippy to me.
If it was, they have cheated you on the chips as they only sold you 15.
Ill take that as a compliment, thank you.
Batter was made with approx 4oz self raising flour good pinch of salt and then add sparkling water, use a hand whisk and just whisk add water till you get a nice just thicker than water batter. Coat your fish in flour, I cook the chips then place to one side then dip and cover your fish in the batter and carefully lower into your frier and bingo roughly five - seven minutes later golden battered cod.
Place on kitchen roll, re dip your chips for a minute or so and bingo. Honestly not from the chip shop.
Well tonight about 10pm I cooked.....

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Can you tell what it is yet....

Yep, it is dinner for me and my Grandson tomorrow, he loves his Grandad's special stew. Much better than the crap he normally gets, bloody Turkey dinosaurs and chips FFS.
That looks really nice apart from one thing...Celery. Why on earth would you add bitter celery to something so delicious?
Spag Bol
That looks really nice apart from one thing...Celery. Why on earth would you add bitter celery to something so delicious?
Between me and you, I haven't a fecking clue. Just that I've seen SWMBO chuck it in before. She adds it to Spaghetti Bollock Naked, and other stuff.

To be honest the celery takes on the flavour of everything else, so you cant really taste it. It just adds a bit of texture, and sometimes crunch depending on how long you have cooked it for.

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