Tonight I cooked..........

Our nearest source of the puddings is 10 miles away in Asda, since Iceland hoofed them in favour of bloody Dreggs Pies, but I made the trip today.

What did you use for gravy ?

I finally bought some Maysan, for the last meal, and it was perfect, must have been what my Stockport Chinese chippy used......
Gravy is Bisto caramelised onion instant stuff. It does, especially when I add a tablespoon or so of these:


I use this Katsu sauce. Again with the crispy onions:


As I’m now living alone I find it handy to use the ready prepared onions. Many Indian restaurants use dehydrated ones to speed up cooking.

They’re also essence sprinkled on a currywurst.
Prepping for my birthday dinner tomorrow:


It’s two bits of pork loin hammered flat, layered with herb, garlic, chilli, lemon, breadcrumb & olive oil stuffing, wrapped in Serrano ham.
Our own little Burns Supper. Just the two of us - no piper, no poems, but plenty of booze! :grin:
Pasta bake et salade


F'kin furrin cnuts.

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