Tonight I cooked..........

Did the scrambled eggs as dscribed by a few of you and they worked just fine. Not heavy, not dry, not lumpy, just eggy, light and tasty.

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First the smoked salmon on the carrot bread and cherry tomatoes cut ready for action.
Generous portions of Salmon there mate!
Once the eggs are done, serve them hot on top of the salmon, add the tomatoes and salt and pepper.


I only just realised that by using the butter in the eggs, we now have a dish that included all 5 food groups.

It was delicious and my wife reckons I can make that again. (I may have screwed up here)
Slow cooked (3 hours) Beef Casserole with peppers and dumplings. Second pic, with the trimmings.
Crispy Chinese duck



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What did you use to crisp up the skin that well and cooked for how long?
1. Put the duck in the sink, prick the skin all over, pour 3 kettles of boiling water over it.
2. Mount duck on a 'beer can' stand.
3. boil up 1pt water, 3 tbsp treacle, 1/2 mug white vinegar. Ladle over the duck.
4 leave duck on stand in front of a desktop fan all day.
5 place in oven at 140deg, raise temp by 20deg every 1/2 hour until 220deg is reached. Cook for a further 15 mins. Serve straight away
I personally don't like beetroot, but the current mrs_mush does. However yesterday I cooked it thus; whole unpeeled beet, wrapped in foil with a couple of unpeeled cloves of garlic and a couple of sprigs of thyme. Roasted in my fan oven at 140 deg for 3 hours. Rib off the skin with a paper towel when it comes out. Result; none of the mucky taste but something edible, rather slightly sweet and sticky instead.
Try adding some balsamic when roasting beetroot.


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This doesn't have a name but I'm going for 'random veg and noodles with some egg that I bunged in the microwave on the off chance it'd be edible'.

Reader; it was.



It's elegant variation old chap. A very English concept championed by Shakespeare, but not becoming known as such until HW Fowler's campaign against it.
Smashed egg is elegant variation, what you wrote was furrin shite.


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