Tonight I cooked..........

This is my version that I have most Monday evenings with the left over veg from the Sunday roast. Food of the gods.
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I like how you’ve started eating it going round the circumference and working slowly inwards. Very orderly, might have to incorporate that into “The rules”!
You sir, are a pioneer of perfect platage!


Last nights tea of sirloin and chips with blue cheese sauce.

The chips are more well done than the meat! Bit rare for my tastes, but still, looks good.
I’m wondering whether a “crossing the line” ceremony was carried out for the 3 errant chips in the upper right quadrant.
Last night’s dinner for lunch today.

Roast pork loin, potatoes, broccers (overcooked), carrots and parsnips. I should point out that there was a reason the veg is arranged as it is.

Can’t say I have. Besides curry, what else goes with it? Hummus maybe?
The ultimate juxtaposition of foodstuffs actually - a homemade Mcdonalds breakfast wrap - egg & BACON, sausage & beans in a naan bread!

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