Tonight I cooked..........

In the fridge. Trying to cut down on fat intake. Hence poached, not fried too.
It's the carbs that'll kill you not a scraping of butter.
The balsamic glaze is just balsamic vinegar reduced down to a thick syrup.
Not it's not, reduced vinegar is just vinegar. Balsamic glaze is balsamic vinegar with added sugar. And thickeners in the commercial versions


Tonight it was rib eye steak, chips, battered mushrooms and onion rings.

One pan curry

Chicken gudgeons( or whatever they are called) browned off before adding a sachet of Indi Grand buttered chicken sauce simmered together for 15 mins, then a sachet of uncle Bens basmati rice thrown in for few minutes

It tasted really good... Then again , we once crashed out for a week and turn out we all had the same letter of compo boxes ( think it may have been menu F) you can curry chicken supreme , but not every night for a week or you could just eat the chicken supreme as it is, but then it's like eating cotton waste mixed with barrier cream mmmm!!!!
Cheesy bacon baguettes. With cheese.


I'm collecting 3 points for using 3 different plates. The red sauce is mine,



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I do that already, although I don't touch that thick syrupy glaze stuff. I just add a dash of balsamic and some freshly ground pepper. I've noticed over the years that on the continent they rarely put cream or ice cream on their strawberries. Mostly balsamic
I read recently about a strawberry & tarragon dish. Sounded good, & thinking of black pepper & balsamic vinegar on strawberries wondered if they would work with some of my home made tarragon & pink peppercorn vinegar. Was considering doing some sort of reduction.

Niki Segnit’s “The Flavour Thesaurus” refers to anise being a complimentary flavour for strawberries. Think this might work...

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