Tonight I cooked..........


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Followed the recipe from @Porkbrain, also added a garnish of crispy chicken skin from the thighs.
Been hard at it removing wallpaper in the other house today, so pulled some 'bolognese' sauce out the freezer.
I did however have the energy to make up some pasta dough & run it through the Kenwood spaghetti making attachments & well worth it too, as fresh pasta is worlds apart from the dried stuff (125g each of semolina flour & 00 flour, 2 large eggs, pinch of salt & a dribble of olive oil). I cooked half & it made almost enough for two (I'll have the half I didn't cook tomorrow).

DSC_2694 (2).jpg

Must have chipped one of my Denby pasta bowls & not noticed. :-(

Ho hum; only 11 more to go...
Chicken breast, root mash (celeriac, swede, turnip, carrot) green beans, spinach, mangetout.

Chicken in home made stock, boiled down with mushrooms, onions and a lot of white wine. Finished with cream.

Note: zero carbs, more or less.
I'm from Southern England, transplanted to Southern Ontario. What better on a chilly Canadian Monday night but that traditional Southern dish, haggis with roasted neeps and er.... Stove top packet stuffing..


Oh and I did sample some before the photo spoiling the presentation somewhat.
Served up on a saucer?
Tea plate, as they're only 6" across.

I'm having the other yuge portion of spag bol, as I've been flogging away at DIY all day & my Gear Fit thingy says I've burned 4,200 calories already & even with the spag bol I'm only up to 1,400 in.

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