Tonight I cooked..........

Steak, ale and mushroom pie

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With mash and cabbage
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I know pastry's not my strong point, and someone will be along in moment to tell me that it's a stew with a lid, not a real pie.
If it's good enough for Fray Bentos it's good enough for me.

Have you tried a thin layer of bread dough, flattened by hand and given twenty minutes for secondary proving before going in the oven? Gives you a crust of fresh baked bread to sop up the gravy. Lush...!
I've tried quite a few tinned Cassoulet when bimbling round France & Belgium in my old motorhome years ago, the duck or goose was normally good, the pork usually tasted good, the sausages were sometimes OK but in others just tasteless squidgy things, the beans were always squishy and disappointing.

However I think this is down to how the canning process works as on the few occasions where I found bottled cassoulet in glass jars the beans were always superb, cooked before going in the jar rather than superheated in the sealed can?

William Saurin Choucroute in tins with white wine sauerkraut, pork & sausages was always a real treat though.

You can often find this kind of dish offered at the local boucherie, cooked just like his mum did,

take your own bowl along it will be fresh that day.

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Yesterday’s Sunday dinner, roast pork cauliflower cheese carrots etc etc
Knocked this up this afternoon, egg and bacon crustless pie with a squashed sausage bottom.
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...or should this be in the 'This afternoon I cooked' thread?
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Followed the recipe from @Porkbrain, also added a garnish of crispy chicken skin from the thighs.


Rib eye, chips, fried mushrooms and blue cheese sauce.

Been hard at it removing wallpaper in the other house today, so pulled some 'bolognese' sauce out the freezer.
I did however have the energy to make up some pasta dough & run it through the Kenwood spaghetti making attachments & well worth it too, as fresh pasta is worlds apart from the dried stuff (125g each of semolina flour & 00 flour, 2 large eggs, pinch of salt & a dribble of olive oil). I cooked half & it made almost enough for two (I'll have the half I didn't cook tomorrow).

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Must have chipped one of my Denby pasta bowls & not noticed. :-(

Ho hum; only 11 more to go...
Chicken breast, root mash (celeriac, swede, turnip, carrot) green beans, spinach, mangetout.

Chicken in home made stock, boiled down with mushrooms, onions and a lot of white wine. Finished with cream.

Note: zero carbs, more or less.
I'm from Southern England, transplanted to Southern Ontario. What better on a chilly Canadian Monday night but that traditional Southern dish, haggis with roasted neeps and er.... Stove top packet stuffing..


Oh and I did sample some before the photo spoiling the presentation somewhat.

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