Tonight I cooked..........

Grilled lamb chops on onion sauce, with steamed potatoes, runner beans and carrots.

Steak, ale and mushroom pie


With mash and cabbage

I know pastry's not my strong point, and someone will be along in moment to tell me that it's a stew with a lid, not a real pie.
Used up some more of the chicken tonight & had another go with the pasta shapes maker on the Kenwood.
Against official advice, I froze some of the pasta base mix from the other day & defrosted it to see if it came out OK.
Pasta in the raw. his time with the fusilli die in place:

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Turned out pretty well, though I think the mix was a tad dry in places, which is why most of it didn't have a tighter spiral.

Why does mushroom sauce has to be mushroom coloured? (shaddap @Kirkz)
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I love it but browny-grey isn't the most appetising visual introduction...

Sautéed the 'shrooms in unsalted butter, then added cornflour/milk mix & kept stirring to make the sauce, added fenugreek leaves, oregano & mace, followed by the chopped up, cooked chicken.
The rough edges on the pasta (deliberate use of bronze for making the dies as nothing else does this) held the sauce really well & I hardly had to lick the plate at all.

Washed down with a couple of glasses of 2017 Christophe et Fils Chablis (worth double what it costs).
Try drying the mushrooms in a warm oven circa 100 degrees for around 30 minutes during your prep
It dehydrates them and they will become extremely creamy if sautéed in butter.
Good effort by the way!

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Needs puff really. Can't they buy it in merica.
Notwithstanding the fact that @Kirkz was picking up on @mush_dad's self-deprecation, I am struggling to understand the relevance of whether store-bought puff pastry is available in any specific country.

Maybe I've missed the point.


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Nah, they can only get fag pastry there.
One can get whatever pastry one likes anywhere in the world. The basic ingredients (depending on what kind) of flour, fat, milk, eggs etc are commodity items in most of the world. Perhaps Antartica and desert regions excepted.

"Fag" pastry is indeed available in the US. Personally I prefer shortcrust, so I never buy or make it, but it is available to buy, or of course make. Which I can't be arrsed with :)
Steak, ale and mushroom pie

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With mash and cabbage
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I know pastry's not my strong point, and someone will be along in moment to tell me that it's a stew with a lid, not a real pie.
If it's good enough for Fray Bentos it's good enough for me.

Have you tried a thin layer of bread dough, flattened by hand and given twenty minutes for secondary proving before going in the oven? Gives you a crust of fresh baked bread to sop up the gravy. Lush...!
I've tried quite a few tinned Cassoulet when bimbling round France & Belgium in my old motorhome years ago, the duck or goose was normally good, the pork usually tasted good, the sausages were sometimes OK but in others just tasteless squidgy things, the beans were always squishy and disappointing.

However I think this is down to how the canning process works as on the few occasions where I found bottled cassoulet in glass jars the beans were always superb, cooked before going in the jar rather than superheated in the sealed can?

William Saurin Choucroute in tins with white wine sauerkraut, pork & sausages was always a real treat though.

You can often find this kind of dish offered at the local boucherie, cooked just like his mum did,

take your own bowl along it will be fresh that day.

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Yesterday’s Sunday dinner, roast pork cauliflower cheese carrots etc etc

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