Tonight I cooked..........

Aldi are doing curry spice/sauce jars and they are 85p ! I was sceptical but they are as 95% as good as a takeaway ! Cool your meat or prawns etc and remove , a couple of onions and peppers in the pan , fry the spices into them , add the sauce and give it five minutes and its done .
I was so surprised but then i realised thats exactly how its made in a takeaway anyway - meat precooked , the veg ofr the dish fried off with the specific spices for the dish and then a sauce added .

For 85p i am pretty amazed as im guessing a version anywhere else would be £2.50 if not £4 in Waitrose.
I second your opinion, I had their Kashmiri Bhuna last night, did it with lamb. Few hours on low in the oven and it was lovely, sorry no pics.
A baked spud with corned beef a-la-compo:
Another one influenced by @Porkbrain 's recommendation for the baked risotto.
I thought I would give it a go and got some arborio rice in, together with some funky mushrooms, chicken, prawns and some chorizo 'style' slimming world sausage.
Just ate it and when I'd finished, realised I had left out the parmesan cheese.
Still, very nice and Mrs Biff liked it too.
dish 2.JPG

dish 1.JPG

dish 3.JPG

Great idea, just as good as a stove top risotto without all the arrse ache of stirring.
Found an old pack of sun dried tomatoes that needed using up.

Goats cheese and sun dried tomato quiche


With salady stuff
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I've just finished vac packing my latest batch of home made bacon & as usual, shoved the nub ends under the grill for a spot of QC.
The ends are always a tad salty but U can state this is my best effort yet.

As for tonight's meal, it was another version of a fish dish I've done before.
Looks kinda brown but tastes great & contains six portions of the "five a day" one is supposed to eat. It's also low carb.
Gently sautéed onion, courgette & garlic, to which is added a half portion of cooked brown rice, six chopped cherry tomatoes, smoked paprika, mace, coarse black pepper, thyme, half a small can of anchovies and about 30 capers.
When softened, add a good slosh of lemon juice & half a glass of white wine (reserving the rest of the bottle to drink with the meal...), then cover with sliced aubergine, place fish on top, add more halved cherry tomatoes & into the oven at 160°C (fan) for 40 minutes. Done this way, the aubergine doesn't end up the usual soggy mess it tends to become.
DSC_2680 (2).jpg

DSC_2682 (2).jpg
Deviled mushrooms on sourdough toast for breakfast

The other half of my tin of corned beef. Prepped much earlier as i would be 'flying':

it was pretty good.


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